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Sept 10/11th 11:05 pm to 5:00 a.m. CEST, Österreich 1 (FM)
Sept 11th OO:00 to 05:00 CEST Radio Österreich International (Shortwave, kHz 5945)
and by Radio 1476 (AM)

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Just like its many forerunners, Kunstradio's LONG NIGHT OF RADIO ART 2002 is a networked collaboration of international artists on site in Linz and at other locations around the globe. Acting as one of the live nodes in a bigger network, the LONG NIGHT will be accessible on FM, Shortwave, AM as well as on line.

The parameters of the LONG NIGHT OF RADIO ART on Sept 10th/11th are developed in discussions with a selected group of artists, some of whom will be present in Linz to give shape to the 6 hour live on air-on line event.

The material of the event will mainly be gathered from simultaneous live streams, telephone interventions and prerecorded projects and contributions from other locations, particularly in the southern hemisphere and from diasporic communities in the North.

The basic function of the artists working in-studio in Linz is to act as selectors-- crafting a radioflow made of many voices, languages, and sound environments, allowing the original contributions to speak forthemselves, while providing interpretation in the contrasts and juxtapositions of the submissions.

In turn, the radioflow of this LONG NIGHT OF RADIO ART offers itself as material for events and projects at other nodes.

ARTISTS in Linz:
Anna Friz (CAN),
Ashwell Adriaan (ZA),
Thomas Mulcaire (ZA),
Honor Harger/Adam Hyde (radioqualia) (NZ),
Hans Groiss (A),
Markus Hammer (A) (update website),
Jeanette Pacher (A) (update website)

Hubert Zawel,
Alois Hummer (ORF, Landesstudio OberÖsterreich)

Elisabeth Zimmermann, Ö1 Kunstradio.


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