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(((NOMUSIC))) Paris laboiteblanche and Carl.Ys founded in June 2001 under this aegis: platform mobile "free" audio and video.
Currently hosting the third NOMUSIC tournement Sept. 10-11, 2002.
art@radio Baltimore, USA art@radio is a project launched in 1998 by Steve Bradley from WMBC at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA.
art@radio broadcasts works on the fringes of sonic expression.
Brave New Waves Montreal, Canada Brave New Waves is broadcast 5 times a week on CBC 2, the cultural channel of Canada's national public radio. Brave New Waves is dedicated to new underground music, including "the widest universe of genres possible".
CKUT FM Montreal, Canada CKUT 90.3 FM McGill Radio is a non-profit campus community radio station operated almost entirely by its volunteer membership. The station provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and beyond.
Fahrah - in cerca di gioia Palestine In August 2002 a special section of the website was opened for the project 'Farah - in search of joy'. This section is constantly updated,while its creator Jaromil travels through Palestine.