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Ashwell Adriaan [Artist/Curator]  

born in Grahamstown, 1963. Read for Bachelor of Arts in Social Science at the University of the Western Cape 1984-85. Studies interrupted: detained without trial under State of Emergency regulations on 21 June 1985, released 4 months later. 1986-1989: employed on the National English
Literary Museum project in Grahamstown. 1990 -1993: elected Secretary-General of the South African Communist Party, Grahamstown District. 1993-1995 engaged on the relocation of the ANC's Dakawa Arts Centre from exile camp in Tanzania to current home in Rini, Eastern Cape.
1997-1999: commissioned by Robben Island Museum to develop oral history archive and exhibits, completes Cell Stories multi-media installation in A section and Smuggled Camera exhibit in D section of the former prison.
2000: commissioned to conceptualise future Robert Sobukwe exhibition in Graaff-Reinett; commissioned to conceptualise future apartheid museum project in Port Elizabeth. 2001: Curatorial consultant on Apartheid Museum,
Johannesburg. 2002: appointed curator of Hector Petersen museum in Soweto.

Broadcasts/Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:
08.09.2002 Cell Stories
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Teilnahme an ORF-Kunstradio Projekten:
2002: RADIOTOPIA Long Night of Radioart
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