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HAIN - in memory of the Selk'nam Indios in Tierra de Fuego

Michael Fahres who selected his almost legendary work "Hain" to be included in the network of RADIOTOPIA on air - on line writes:

"Within a timespan of about 100 years, between the second half of the 19th century and 1971, the indigenous people of Fireland, who called themselves Selk'nam or Ona were killed by the white intruders or perished through illnesses brought into their country by the "new" settlers. In 1966 the US anthropologist Anne Chapman recorded - among many other things - songs sung by Lola Kiepja, the last shaman of the Selk'nam.
I integrated four of Lola Kiepja's chants in their original version into my hachure 'Hain', which refers to the Selk'nams' initiation rite 'Hain', and reformulated them musically.
The second chapter of the work, 'Karryon', is literally a carrying on of "Hain" on my part and describes the past and present of Fireland, while the third chapter, 'Mercury Sound', relates to the Yamanas, the Kanoe-Indians, of whom a very small number today still lives on the Chilean side of Fireland."

It was Bruce Chatwin's book "In Patagonia" which inspired Michael Fahres to travel to Fireland in 1990. There in the museum in Ushuaia he found no traces (and no sound documents) of the indigenous Indian population. Fahres decided to dedicate a work to those forgotten people and in his researches discovered recordings by Charles W. Furlong (1907) in a Berlin archive and many recordings, which the US anthropologist Anne Chapman had collected over decades. On one of his later trips - after "Hain" had already been performed for the first time - Fahres was talked into carrying on with his Fireland works by the musicians Nieves Cabrera and Ramon Ernesto Leiva.


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Michael Fahres

Hain - The Signal
Karryon (Selk'nam) Carry on - Carillon
Mercury Sound


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