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Project Description  

Radiophonic Art from Mexico.

This special selection contains Mexican entries to the competition of the 4th International Radio Biennial, Mexico City, 2002 and productions of LEAS the Laboratory of artistic Experimentation in Sound at Radio Educación, Mexico.
Among the selected pieces are the 3 winning entries of the Radio Art competition of the 4th International Radio Biennial as well as the 2 honorary mentions and the radio-jingle for this event.
The selection which was curated by Lidia Camacho and coordinated by Perla Olivia Rodriguez. It is characterised by a very opulent radiophonic sound language, obviously the result of a strong institutional support for such productions.



related persons:
Lidia Camacho
Oscar Inclan
Sistermanns Johannes S.
Emiliano Lopez Rascon
José Alberto Luck Bueno
Mario Mota
Jorge Reyes
Victor Manuel Rivas Davalos
Perla Olivia Rodriguez
Anabella Solano
Hugo Solís

Canto del Corazon
Central Observatorio
El Altar Sonoro
El ojo acustico del Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Life´s Song
Metro Indios Verdes
Momentum I: La Ventana
Radio Marcos
Un cementerio en la nieve
Yo no soy un hombre real


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