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Outer and Inner Worlds: IndiaTwo Soundscapes in which Hildegard Westerkamp explores outer and inner worlds as one experiences them in India - in the contradictions of daily life and the chaotic multitude of religions....Details 
Paisaje Sonoro Uruguay / Soundscape UruguayA selection of soundscapes made in Uruguay and Venezuela in the framework of "Soundscape Uruguay" - a project informed by the efforts of the "Worldforum for Acoustic Ecology"....Details 
Public Sound ArtJames Webb compiled two sets of soundfiles from two of his works which both relate to the private/public space of communication technologies in different ways, thereby examining some of the parameter of this space....Details 
Radiophonic Art from AustraliaA selection of four different soundscapes, ranging from environmental recordings to compositions based on spacial soundscapes mixed with individual sound sources....Details 
Radiophonic Art from Mexico.This special selection contains Mexican entries to the competition of the 4th International Radio Biennial, Mexico City, 2002, and productions of LEAS, the Laboratory for Experimentastions in Sound at Radio Educación....Details 
Radiophonic Art from New ZealandA special selection of 3 very different pieces from the production of Radio New Zealand's program "Revolutions Per Minute - Adventures in Sound", curated by Matthew Leonard....Details 


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