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December 10th 2001 - 8pm CEST

A Party for the Ears: 100. Hörspielmontag
(100th Monday of Radio Drama - hoerspiel)
Live on line - on site

on line:
(Strubergasse 23, A-5020 Salzburg)

"bombus terrestris revisited #4" (originally produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk in 1998) is the first version of the work-in-progress not to be simultaneously broadcast on air. It is, however, the second one to be experienced as a live webcast. In each version, Hartmut Geerken adds a new live-layer to the previous versions: in a process of highly intensive reception/production, the artist in his own voice, and in the context of a new constellation of space/time-, social/medial parameters, inscribes a new trace into the recorded work. The months' long recordings of bumble-bees - the basic material of this sisyphos-like struggle between the present and its archiving - lends an additional layer of associations to a complex discourse on "nature" and "technology".