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Kunstradio LIVE
28.10.2004 - 20:00 CEST
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Italia Anno Zero

von Roberto Paci Dalò
and Olga Neuwirth

Donna Molinari clarinets
Ernesto Molinari clarinets
Olga Neuwirth theremin vox, electronics
Roberto Paci Dalò clarinets, sampler, electronics
Burkhard Stangl guitars, electronics
Andrea Clausen voice
Sandro Lombardi voice
Natalie Cristiani actress on film

As in a still from a Rossellini film -- it is from today's ruins that Italia Anno Zero is born.
Italia anno zero is a collaboration between Olga Neuwirth (composer/performer) and Roberto Paci Dalò (composer/performer/director).

The composers/performers do an investigation into texts by such Italian authors as Gramsci, Leopardi and Pasolini organized in a musical way and presented in a staged concert with a five member band made out of clarinets, guitar, electronics, sampler, and theremin vox. Kind of noise group where collaborative strategies build up the dense structure out of the original words. Play it loud!

production Giardini Pensili & Wien Modern in collaboration with Budapest Autumn Festival, ORF Kunstradio, Terra Gramsci supported by Réseau Varèse and the European Commission (Culture 2000)

The Giardini Pensili company is supported by the Regione Emilia Romagna and the Provincia di Rimini.