The immensification of space.......No longer visible and framable the stage becomes universal and cosmic...
A pure organism of radio sensations
The synthesis of infinite simultaneous actions......."
(Marinetti/Masnata, 1933)

"Contemporary online radio projects are creating new spaces for collaboration and network building and for the first time in radio's history - visual content."
(Steve Bates, 2001)

The Futurist manifesto La Radia by Marinetti and Masnata, which explicitly deals with the concept of "radiating" media as opposed to the institutionalised one-way medium "radio" ("Hoerfunk") has become one of the most quoted (metaphorical) points of reference of an extended radio-art. The Futurist themselves, of course, had no technical means to realise their visions.

The historical Futurist utopias (rooted in the first part of the 20th century, its belief in "progress" and its monstrous apotheosis of industrial society in the annihilation machinery of the " Third Reich"), and the very contemporary, 21st century Acoustic.Space.Lab symposium, conceived and realised around a decommissioned military outpost radiating to the universe (in itself a relic of a utopia turned dystopia) are being proposed as temporary corner stones of a tradition of a radio-art dealing with the concept "Extended Radio".

For "Extended Radio", Kunstradio has put together a list of exemplary projects and related texts, from its archives, to highlight the notions of "Extended Radio" and " Radio as Interface" and other issues brought to the foreground by Acoustic.Space.Lab.