Max Ernst, Gala & Paul Eluard in Tarrenz, Spring 1922.


In 1921 and 1922 some of the dadaist spent some time in the Tyrol at the small village of Tarrenz near Imst and later in Reutte. It was Max Ernst who first chose Tyrol as a place for a holiday with his family.

In July 1921 Max Ernst, Hans Arp and Tristan Tzara were in contact and arranged to meet at Imst in the middle of August.
Baargeld also arrived with his brother Heini - Tzara came with Maya Chrusezs.

In September 1921 "DADA AU GRAND AIR/DER SÄNGERKRIEG IN TIROL" ("The battle of singers in Tirol") was prepared for print in Innsbruck. It was dedicated to Arp for his 35th birthday on August 16th.

On September 18th Andre Breton and his wife arrived at Tarrenz. On September 25th Ernst and Tzara left while on Oct 3rd Eluard and Gala arrived.

In 1922 Ernst and his family moved to Tirol and Eluard and his family joined them. The "Malheurs des Immortels" were printed in Innsbruck.
Josephson, Sakier, Brown and other Americans arrived in Imst in June of 1922
In July they were joined by Tzara, Maya, Hans Arp and Sophie Täuber.

In July Ernst left his wife and went to Paris using Eluards passport - Tzara, Arp and the others went by foot to Reutte.

In August No.3 of "Secession" was prepared in Reutte.
Maya and Tzara separated.
Cowley visited the Dadaists at Reutte.
On an excursion to Munich they met Aragon who visited them in Tyrol in September.

After the summer Tzara remained alone in Reutte.

In September Tzara, Arp and Schwitters participated in the congress of constructivists at Weimar.

On Sept 25th 1922 Tzara held his orbituary for DADA.