live telematic radio project.

Projektleiter: Gerfried Stocker
Moderation: Heidi Grundmann, Roland Schöny
Technik: Ing. Gerhard Wieser
Transit / ORF, 1995

REALAUDIO (player software)

Live-Programm mit Berichten über die bisherigen Ereignisse des Horizontal Radio-Tages.


  • The Budapest station will broadcast recurrent collages of dialogue and sound taken from famous films and Hungarian archive material. This performance is frequently interrupted by news from the revolution and other unexpected events.

  • From Italy: The 'Athens Event' - a radio drama performed life in Athens and Rome, broadcast on ORF Ö1.

  • Live broadcast of radio performances at a conference in Edmonton (Canada) to Italy.
  • 22:30
  • Program from Italy: The `Bolzano Event' - interventions by Norbert Math.
  • Radio Performance from Naples.
  • 22:40
  • Until 23:20 the Italian station listens to the programs of the other radio stations connected to horizontal radio.
  • 23:20
  • From Bologna: 'Banda Roncati', an Italian brass band. Following this performance, the Italian station listens to the other horizontal radio stations.

  • 1995 Calendar 1