13. November 1997



von Peter Rehberg



Peter Rehberg:

"The idea of sampling other peoples work is something I try to avoid when working on music. It is my belief that there are more than enough sounds to go round without having to steal somebody elses. It also sets up a challenge in that one has to carry out a more intensive search for new sounds to work with.

That said, this is not always the case. More than half the work that we are commisioned to do involves "remixing" or "reowrking" other peoples work. This, of course, limits our use of sound to the piece that we have to rework.
It is also for this reason that I have decided to use only other peoples recordings for my kunstradio piece.

Based on the idea of Desert Island Discs (the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme in which certain "celebrities" would be asked to present the records they would most like to take to a remote desert island), I took 11 of my favourite vinyl recordings and "DJed" them into the computer. With this "set" as a starting point I radically reworked what was on offer in order to create a new piece. The aim was to try and capture the spirit or "ghost" of those recordings which have at one time or another influenced my way of listening to or approaching music. I have only used vinyl recordings as I believe its an interesting counterbalance in the analogue/digital argument. Any outstanding musics that I have experienced during the CD age are left out. Sorry.

As well as this, I have tried to only use recordings that I have experienced when they themselves were conceived. so no recordings before my start of "serious listening" (around the start of the 80's) and none made before I was born (1968).

Recordings from more academic circles are also left to the side for reasons best left untouched."

"Recordings that were used and how they came into my posession:

RS9201 Aphex Twin: Didgeridoo 12" (R&S, Belgium). Purchased march 1992 Black Market, Vienna

RED 800 Suicide: Martin Rev/Alan Vega LP (Red Star, USA). Purchased may1984, second hand at record fair in St. Albans

ASH 1.9 Runaway Train one sided LP (Ash International, England). Purchased september 1994, Ambient Soho, London

BURN ONE Swans: Public Castration Is A Good Idea DoLP (official bootleg, England). Purchased december 1986 Rough Trade, London

0060.361 (FACT 25) Joy Division: Closer LP (Metronome, Germany). Purchased november 1980, Hannibal, Salzburg

DVR 1 Cabaret Voltaire: Johnny YesNo LP (Doublevision, England). Recieved as gift christmas 1983

BFFP 1 Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising LP (Blast First, England). Purchased April 1985 Our Price, Oxford

1C 264-46 311 Kraftwerk: Computerwelt (Electrola, Germany). Purchased on import june 1982 HMV Oxford Street, London

SÄHKÖ 002 Ø: Kvanti 12" (Sähkö, Finland). Purchased october 1993 Virgin Megastore, Vienna

STUMM 18 Bruce Gilbert: This Way LP (Mute, England). Purchased October 1984 Our Price, St. Albans

GR 0135 Codeine: Frigid Stars LP (Glitterhouse/SubPop, Germany). Sent as review copy january 1991"