SONNTAG, 26. Mai 2002, 23:00. - 24:00, Ö1


I. "Cool Location"

II. devolve into 2: "Hear You Can't Hear"


"Cool Location"

von Peter Cusack

Thurston Moore/London Soundscape






 In 1998 a number of London artists and musicians were asked to make a piece of work based on one minute of guitar playing by Thurston Moore of "Sonic Youth". What one did was entirely open to choice, sound or image and in any media. All the pieces produced were to be shown at the "Root" Exhibition held the same year at the Chisenhale Gallery and documented on CD, vinyl discs and as a catalogue. The one-minute piece was sent to me on a cassette wrapped in a Hoover bag. It turned out to be a noisy guitar thrash, distorted and good. So what does one do with a minute of loud guitar playing? Although a guitarist myself I've had a long interest in environmental sound and a particular fascination with London's incredibly rich soundscape. In the end my idea for the project was a series of "field remixes". In other words I made three processed versions of the original, played them back on a small ghettoblaster in various London locations and re-recorded them as part of the soundscape of the spot. There are about 15 recordings in places such as the Greenwich Foottunnel, next to electricity sub stations, under railway bridges and beside the Thames. Most are pretty short, not much longer than the original minute, but a couple are slightly longer where there was a particularly strong local sonic event happening. At the exhibition they were played on a listening post where people could see information on the recording locations and could choose which tracks to hear.

I ended up feeling happy with the project and the way it sounds. Not only are the location's sounds included but also the physical acoustics of the space. Most of the locations are very urban and to my ears fit well with the original. Some of the recordings heard here have been slightly edited but mostly they are completely unchanged.

Peter Cusack


 Eine Reihe von Londoner Künstlern und Musikern wurden aufgefordert, eine Arbeit nach einem einminütigen Gitarrenspiel von Thurston Moore von "Sonic Youth" herzustellen. Das Resultat: Gitarrentrash - lärmend und verzerrt - und gut. Was nun aber tun mit den Aufnahmen von einer Minute lauten Gitarrespiels? Peter Cusack mischt sie mit Umgebungsgeräuschen und vor allem Londons reicher Klanglandschaft durch eine Serie von "field remixes". Er fertigt drei bearbeitete Versionen des Originals an und spielt sie auf einem kleinen Ghettoblaster an verschiedenen Orten ab, etwa in dem Greenwich Fussgängertunnel, bei Zugbrücken oder an der Themse. Als Teil der Soundscape des Ortes werden sie wiederum aufgenommen. Die urbanen Orte fügen sich mit den Originalen zusammen und werden nur noch leicht, bzw. meist gar nicht nachbearbeitet.


devolve into 2

"Hear You Can't Hear"

von Fujui Wang



A Radioversion of the online-onsite-onair project ".. devolve into II .."

Whispering through the wind.
Can you hear me?
Message passing by the sea.
Can you hear me?
Information transmitting by the net.
Can you hear me?

This project uses wind, water and the sounds of my environment as sound material. The material excessively processed by computer's DSP. This work explores the unknown digital landscape by sound. And the images are created by the super 8 films and DV of the landscape of my environments.


Eine Radioversion des online-onsite-onair Projektes ".. devolve into II .."

Im Wind flüstern.
Kannst Du mich hören?
Eine Nachricht zieht am Meer vorüber.
Kannst Du mich hören?
Die Übertragung von Information durch das Netz.
Kannst Du mich hören?

Für dieses Projekt werden Wind, Wasser sowie Geräusche von meiner Umgebung als Klangmaterial verwendet und durch den DSP des Computers extrem bearbeitet. Diese Arbeit erforscht mittels Klang die unbekannte digitale Landschaft. Die Bilder dazu stammen aus Super 8 Filmen und DV (Digitalvideo) von der mich umgebenden Landschaft.