SONNTAG, 11. June 2006, 23:05. - 23:45, Ö1



by Günther Zechberger and Peter Kollreider
LIVE from the Landesstudio Tirol in Innsbruck




With "Hallakustika", an electro-acoustical network of (interactive) sound installations, performances, and live concerts spreaded over Hall in Tirol, connecting various public places of the town for three days (June 8 to 10).
All sound material was taken from and recorded in Hall, sonically representing the town's historical and current vital nerves. Pronounced composers of electronic music used and edited this material for new, site-specific works.

Electronic music is omnipresent in our everday lives: no cell phone sound without electro-acoustic, no musically underlayed waiting loop, no navigation system, no computer game, commercial jingle, CD and DV production, no playback or soundtrack ...
While the first decades of electronic music were marked by an aesthetic discussion between musique concrète and sound synthesis (Paris – Cologne), composers nowadays are facing the challenge of artistically responsing to new technological developments and of developing future visions. Thus, the projects elaborated for "Hallakustika 2006" are based on current communication techniques such as multidirectional networking, wireless LAN hot-spots, and broadband connections.

Based on the wireless LAN (Local Area Network) of Hall's energy supplier, Stadtwerke Hall, Hall's city centre more or less turned into a focal area for communication and artistic action. All venues were connected with eachother via the Internet, and all participants had access to the complete (sound) data around the clock.

For Kunstradio, Günther Zechberger, the initiator of the project, and Peter Kollreider created a virtual city-walk through Hall where they listened to and recorded sounds of the individual nodes of the network.
The starting point for this walking tour were recordings from sound installations created by students from the Department for Electro-acoustic Music (ELAK) at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna:

Elisabeth Meilinger - Hall im Meer
Peter Kutin - Denkmal
Florian Kindlinger, Stefan Brunner - Slihuottttte
Daniel Lercher - Gloria
Tamara Wilhelm - Halltalhall
Stefan Löwenstein, Christian Friedrich, Markus Lechleitner - akustische Landkarte
Matthias Makowsky - Hallamasch

as well as the installation filament [copperwire] by Martin Parker.

Sound recordings: Wolfgang Musil, Hans Groisz
Network technology: Hans Soukop

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