Sunday, 10. September 2006, 23:05. - 23:45, Ö1



Image: Hans Groisz, Wien 2005/06

The Beginning and Believing Radio Show

With: Jürgen Berlakovich, Eva Dranaz, noid, Wolfgang Kopper,
Rio Mäuerle, Jeanette Pacher, Schaua, Florian Schmeiser und Manfred Söllner.

Directed by:: Johann Franz Groisz
Sound engineer: Anton Reininger and Markus Gassner
Announcer: Helmut Jasbar




Political aims and ideas, a critical view on war, and social criticism have rarely been formulated as precicely as Bertolt Brecht did in his writings. Nowadays, precise statements like a clear „Yes“, or a straightforward message are taboo; rather, they are substituted – and not only within the arts – by the term of „anything goes.“
This is an attempt to take up this phenomenon of „distraction“, and to find possible gaps leading to concrete statements.“

The Beginning and Believing Cabaret Show, July 2006

Already Bertolt Brecht stated in his theoretical reflections on radio „The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication“ that the core problem of broadcast was that it had been invented without any social need for it: „There was a moment when technology was advanced enough to produce the radio and society was not yet advanced enough to accept it.“
But there it was, the radio – and thus one had to think of what one had to say.
And also Dieter Daniels mentions an uptil now hardly sufficiently answered problem in his book "Kunst als Sendung": Radio's greatest mystery is why it exists at all.

After various performances (Variety Show 2003 at the 2nd Tirana Biennial in Albania; 2006 Cabaret Show for the abc-Festival in Augsburg) tonight, the ever expanding „Beginning and Believing Ensemble“ gathers once more, this time for a radio show, using radio as an apparatus of communication, or at least attempting to approach this postulation by Bert Brecht.

The group of artists and cultural workers focus on an emancipatory use of the media, referring to Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s idea in his "Baukasten zur Theorie der Medien" where the author suggests that every media consumer has the potential to be a producer, too!

As in all previous performances, the artists will once again operate in a vaudeville sense, arranging diverse micro-performances to design the radio show.
In addition to the studio performances, a live connection to the final events of the Modernist-Mozart-Festival is planned addressing a musical request programme to the prominent line-up.

Contributors to „The Beginning and Believing“-Ensemble till now:
Jürgen Berlakovich, Dr. Didi Bruckmayr, Dorit Chrysler, Eva Dranaz, Jochen Fill, FORMATION OHNE NAME (FON), Alexander De Goederen, Arnold Haberl aka noid, Markus Hammer, Eva Jantschitsch, Wolfgang Kopper, Rio Mäuerle, Jeanette Pacher, Rantasa, Schaua, Schmesier, Barbara Schrammel, und Manfred Söllner.