SONNTAG, 18. März 2007, 23:05. - 23:45, Ö1





von Arsenije Jovanovic




Aus seinem riesigen Fundus an Klangmaterial von Wasser schöpfte Arsenije Jovanovic für sein neues Stück AquaAgonia. Ein Thema, das von wachsender Bedeutung und geopolitischer Brisanz ist, und das in der Zukunft in anthropologischer wie ästhetischer etc. Hinsicht alle noch oft und viel beschäftigen wird.

Statement of the Artist: 

Being asked to make any statement about my recent art-work, where there are no words, I always find undoubtedly absurd. It makes me feel that I start going backward once I reached… whatever end. Why I must use the words reinterpreting something what is supposed to be interpreted and explained by itself in principle, where from the words deliberately were banned? Can’t I communicate with my audience merely through the language of sound?

I used a single word though, a neologism I put as the title of the work not missing to admit that even this sole word-no-word did some… brutality to what I want to achieve. Maybe brutality is no right word – you see how a single word could provoke confusion! – to say instead, how even an innocent title, unless it is totally abstract, trigger the listener’s imagination to start working, before the very art piece start working itself - what I find not so good since I don’t want to make any influence to my audience beforehand, not even with the title, being abstract or not. Maybe pictures and collages I did will give some better previous or subsequent clarification... if one finds any clarification is necessary.

I don’t want to say that I don’t care for those listeners who cannot listen my work without introductory explanations but… anyway, responsibility will be mine if it sounds so.

Using any other words instead, I am leaving the space to the words of by the poet (Gary Lewis):

As I walk along the quiet road
I look into the forest
see the darkness
I walk faster
see the stream
I slip and fall
the water is cold
with dark shadows
I want the water to embrace me
in its cold arms
but as I hit the water
I panic as I drown
The fear takes me
I fall into the darkness.

Arsenije Jovanovic – March 2007