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Ars Acustica is a group within the European Broadcasting Union EBU, focused on radio art and its diffusion. New productions by the participating stations and institutions are exchanged in a series entitled Listening Proposals.

Ars Acustica Gruppe



“Kdo to udelal? (Who Has Done It?)”

by Roman Stetina

“Sleepless nights, nights with an aching head, nights of suffering, and nights when I was dying. Endless inaudible conversations... whisper that ends with the dawn. Blindness that eyes get used to. Shadows of events. Nights that are gentle and clear, nights spent flying. Constricted constrictor, hot asphalt, bare feet and the murmur of a brook. Gravel between fingers.

The time between sleep and wake... accelerated heartbeat, cries muted by darkness. Everything is sinking into bottomless landscapes and then, so cruelly, without a warning, it explodes into reality. Unbearable fevers. Sheets of paper covered with writing – no longer legible in the morning. The radio not turned off. Tea left on the stove. Uninvited guests - "Who has done it? Who has done it!?" – What do I really ask each night about? And who?

The composition called "Who has done it?" looks back at what has been created for the past year of my work with sound. It works with and recasts some of the already finished sound work. It puts them into different positions and it gives them new meanings in a lot of things. However, I have the feeling that the previous pieces of work were more or less a preparation for this composition, which, to a certain extent, symbolically concludes this year.”

(Roman Stetina)

“The Healing Heating”

von Peter Machajdík

The core of the composition called “The Healing Heating“ is made up by sound contours whose initial themes touch the topical and imminent issue of polluting the environment and global warming. Against the confined, monolithically intensifying sound areas consisting of gloomy sounds there are carefree, unsuspecting everyday voices moving that mean basically nothing.

Despite its seeming social engagement, “The Healing Heating“ composition is not a political piece. It is based on Cagean reduction of dramatic expression. It is hard to find any plot in it, logical explanation or answers to the questions that arise when we listen to the composition. A lot of things are only implied and hidden in metaphors. During the composition the author puts into it text passages that concern totally different things and bear elements of symbolism and in many places they communicate with the antagonistic world of sounds and meanings of some parts of the work. That concerns, for example, an inconspicuous connection of the sound of a flying and air-polluting airplane in the middle of landscape scenery with innocent voices of children playing with a toy train, which is a symbol of the alternative to air travel. The listener can also hear a mixture of quotations, such as “ihnen wird die Welt gehören“ (“The world will belong to them.“), “Misstrauen“ (“mistrust“) and “Missverständnis“ (“misunderstanding“) in connection to a sound collage of the voices of American environmentalists played backwards.

The composition is based on “raw“ and “rough“, mostly uncontrived sounds that come from the recordings of common situations in nature, cities or in households. “In some places”, says Peter Machajdík, “I deliberately don’t try to reduce the excessively disturbing noise, which is how I try to preserve the authentic sound atmosphere of all the sounds.