Sunday, 11. April 2010, 23:03 - 23:45, Ö1



Gözen Atila:

1) „Amateurs & Sailors”

2) „Fin de la Première Partie“ (2010)


Kunstradio presents two radio pieces by Gözen Atila, an Istanbul based artist, composer, DJ and photographer: “Amateurs & Sailors” (2008) and „Fin de la Première Partie“, produced in April 2010 for Kunstradio.

1) „Amateurs & Sailors”


“Amateurs & Sailors” is a radio piece in eight parts, the titles of which are taken from the 1971 edition of “Redhouse English-Turkish Dictionary”, starting with Prologue and ending with Promise. The texts, written by Atila, elaborate on themes suggested by the titles. This work was composed for her graduation thesis, entitled "Radio-Art: The Relationship Between New Media and Dramatic Composition".

The composition was developed during the writing of the thesis and thus carries the impact of movements and traditions in European radio/sound art such as the Swedish text-sound composition, German Hörspiel, and French musique concréte.

"Amateurs & Sailors" is dedicated to the sailors and radio amateurs who were the main users of this medium when it was first discovered. The piece traces the impact of radio that erases borders between countries and languages and the sense of time.

1. Prologue        00:00-01:50
2. Prolong        01:55-03:38
3. Prolusion        03:42-05:37
4. Promenade        05:37-08:19
5. Promethean    08:25-10:40
6. Prominent        10:44-11:48
7. Promiscious    11:49-13:40
8. Promise        13:42-16:28
Total: 16:28

Stimmen – Gülce Özen Gürkan, Lale Evren Kardeş, Bengü Karaduman, Gülgün Özek, Suphi Sökücü
Alt Saxophon – Suphi Sökücü
Tenor Saxophon  – Fehmican Gözüm
Text, Akkordeon, Harmonica, Electronics, Komposition – Gözen Atila

2) „Fin de la Première Partie“


Gözen Atila: “The piece is based on the nonsensical commands and directives of a speaker who thinks he can give order to the chaos of life and control his environment. Although the tone is prophetic sometimes, it seems he does not have anything of significance to say, or he says the wrong things. And the more he wants to control with orders to musicians and desperate attempts to capture the now and here of events, the more everything goes chaotic. I multiply the voice channels to remind that he is not a lonely, blithering, crazy person. He might be representing a general attitude in the Western culture.
The last minute of  silence comes with the arrival of the chef, who has a similar agenda of keeping things in order, to co-ordinate and maintain a so-called harmony, but all fails because they resist the flow of life, and hence, contra naturam.”

1. Fin de la première partie         00:00 – 01:56
2. Pour être lu a vive voix entre la première et la deuxième partie     01:57- 03:12
3. Remarque sur la deuxième partie 03:12 - 05:34
4. Deuxième partie             05:35 – 08:00
Total: 08:00

The text, written by Gözen Atila, was translated into French by Barış Doğrusöz and Safak Acar, and read by Şafak Acar.

Sprecher: Şafak Acar
Piano: Alper Maral
Tenor Saxophon: Fehmican Gözüm
Trompete: Serkan Emre Çiftçi
Snare Drum: Alican Tezer
Schreier: Alper Maral, Gülce Özen Gürkan, Alican Tezer, Özer Özel
Text, Electronics, Komposition und Theremin: Gözen Atila