“20 Years EBU Ars Acustica CD”

Ars Acustica is a group of producers and editors of radio art programs in national-public broadcasting corporations in Europe. Founded in 1989 within the European Broadcasting Union EBU, the Ars Acustica group aims at initiating and realising projects, promoting radio art, exchanging productions between European radios, and eventually open up a space for debate on the future of radio, of art and of radio art as such.
Recent Ars Acustica projects include the annual Art’s Birthday celebration on 17th January and a series of live concerts/radio performances on varying locations, as well as the publication of a double CD to mark the 20th anniversary of the group’s existence. The CD “20 years Ars Acustica” includes pieces that were submitted in an internal competition, chosen by the jury (Czech Radio), Erik Mikael Karlsson (Swedish Radio) as well as Elisabeth Zimmermann (ORF Kunstradio).

The chosen pieces are by the following artists: Alessandro Bosetti, Escoitar.org (Juan-Gil López & Chiu Longina), Arsenije Jovanovic, Els Viaene, Tomás Pálka, Sofia Kamayianni, José Iges & Concha Jerez, Hanna Hartman, Miguel Azguime, Dmitriy Nikolaev, Stefano Giannotti, Anton Bruhin, Juraj Duris and ProTon Sonic Art (Agnieszka Waligórska & Pekka Sirén).

Produced by Czech Radio
Mastering: Tomás Zikmund
Producer: Michal Rataj
Project manager: Apolena Vynohradnyková
Design: Belavenir, Praha 2009

Foreword to the CD by Erik Mikael Karlsson (Chairman EBU Ars Acustica 2005-9, Producer Swedish Radio)

“EBU Ars Acustica - 20 Years!

The Ars Acustica Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was founded in 1989 at the EBU Radio Drama Conference in Florence, Italy in order to focus and foster radio art in public broadcasting. Since then, the EBU Ars Acustica Group has brought to European radio-listeners an art form that moves to the heartbeat of our future and uses modern technology, interactivity and advanced media to bring extraordinary listening sensations to audiences.

All around the world, radio art and sound art are rapidly becoming increasingly popular. Today, DJs, artists, composers and musicians of different genres have made this a natural and necessary art form in contemporary society - creating a vibrant and exciting world of sound, music and interaction. Radio art and sound art are no longer just narrow and experimental forms of art - they are in a broader sense ever changing forms of expression that attract new listeners in search of progressive and creative inventiveness in public broadcasting – a place of artistic spirit. The EBU Ars Acustica Group consists of editors, producers and experts in radio art and sound art at public broadcasting corporations within the European Broadcasting Union. The EBU Ars Acustica Group is also a forum for discussion, promotion and production devoted to radio art. The work of the EBU Ars Acustica Group has helped to develop European and international meetings, festivals and events for radio including "Radio Beyond" (London, 1992), "Ciudades Invisibles" (Madrid, 1992), "Wings of Sound" (Helsinki, 1993), "Horizontal Radio" (1995), "Rivers & Bridges" (1996) as well as the "EBU Art's Birthday Party" a yearly broadcast in January which involves simultaneous live broadcasts with sound artists, DJs, composers and musicians from a number of cities worldwide via the EBU satellite, telephone lines and the Internet, reaching an audience of more than 200 million listeners. This extraordinary radio-event was started in 2005, and we are in the middle of planning the 6th EBU Art´s Birthday Party for 2010. The event has grown over the years and has been a great success among the different broadcasting organizations.

The EBU Ars Acustica Group serves as a node for the exchange of radio art productions, project proposals and the exchange of information about activities and events in media art in different countries. It stimulates and encourages discussion of current trends in the theory and practice of radio art and connected fields, and the realization of co-productions between broadcasting corporations. It is strongly convinced of the necessity of an art form reflecting the development of radio and broadcasting in our society. We have a heritage in radio art and sound art to be proud of. Radio art and sound art form an important chapter in our common cultural history. With two CDs containing 14 different works reflecting the international diversity, vitality and power of radio art as an art form the EBU Ars Acustica Group is both proud and happy to have been able to gather such an impressive body of works by talented European composers, authors and performers! Bon Appétit!”

CD 1 - Track 1

Alessandro Bosetti: Zahre
Noise of the Month, January 2006

The Noise of the Month (Geräusch des Monats) is a sound art piece of five minutes. It rtistically shapes the dead air placed between programs whenever a radio drama, documentary or sound art production is shorter than its time slot. This concept won the Prix Europa 1998 (Market Place of Ideas). The Noise of the Month has been composed by Hanna Hartman, Martin Daske, Mario Verandi, Alessandro Bosetti, and Thomas Köner.
  For his turn in 2006, Alessandro Bosetti chose the title Zwölfzungen (Twelve Tongues / Twelve Languages):
“I collected  recordings of eleven languages I'm not, or partially, able to speak and understand. Moreover, I invented a twelfth. With each of them, I made a piece of music by escaping from the meaning of words and concentrating on their specific sounds, letting my ears concentrate and developing all ther sound details I'd been captivated by.”
The inhabitants of Sauris (Zahre) in the Italian Eastern Alps speak a medieval German dialect.

produced by:    Deutschlandradio Kultur


CD 1 - Track 2
Escoitar.org: Sonic Weapons

This audio-work presents an overview of the different uses, developments and technologies that make use of SOUND in order to exert social control and power. The piece provides a conceptual approach to the topic by illustrating its applications through audio-quotes and other forms of documentation that analyze the impact and effects of these technologies, as well as their uses and abuses. By using a micro-tale or docudrama format, this work may contribute to the analysis of the effects of sound in human existence, enabling a critical analysis of this phenomenon.

A first version of ‘Sonic Weapons’ was produced and premiered on occasion of Art’s Birthday Party 2009 (‘Safe & Sound’), organized by the Ars Acustica group. For details concerning the origin of the audio-quotes, please visit the URL below. Except where otherwise noted, this audio-work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

performers:     Juan-Gil López and Chiu Longina
produced by: Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Radio Clásica/RNE


CD 1 - Track 3
Arsenije Jovanovic: Approaching: Variation 09

Approaching: Variation 09, is a shorter version of Approaching, a continuous work in progress, intentionally meant never to be finished. Variation 09 was created exclusively for this CD. The original Approaching was a reminiscence and mental journey through a compilation of various compositions of same or similar genres, coincidentally reflecting the trajectory of the AA anniversary. The original piece is comprised of flashbacks covering decades of my sailing through ocean’s of sounds, meandering in their physical realm in the outside world.  Once they find their place in the brain lab, their echoes sometimes drift painfully through the quiescence of our diverse inner ears; or they wind through the intricate yet limitless course of our mysterious hearing instruments. When you listen to these "inaudibles" and their transformations, hopefully, this work will find itself and you.


CD 1 - Track 4
Els Viaene: Forever Young

‚Forever young‘ was the theme of Ars Acustica’s event „Arts Birthday Party 2008“.
For this performance Els Viaene takes us into an imaginary journey of naturalistic and organic environments with a little nostalgic flavour. An ever evolving landscape based on field recordings and electronically designed sounds.

produced by: André Defossez
Musiq‘3 (a channel of the Belgian French-speaking public network RTBF)


CD 1 - Track 5

We seek. We fumble. We grow old.
And again: We seek. We fumble…
Questions appear which had been answered. We reevaluate. We break down barriers and the wind sweeps away paradigms and the spray disperses like flakes on the palm of our hand.
is the answer of “now” and “at this moment.” Many things were different yesterday. And tomorrow? What will be? The search is reflected in content. The search is reflected in the search for content … The search for sound, the search for meaning.
is an image. A static image pulsating with inner unrest. The foundation is a word. Four words joined in one. Said by two people who become one. In a certain sense, we all say it. Everybody a little differently. We speak, we whisper, we think …
I stop sound with deformation. The sound of instruments and voices. Time is deformed, but

produced by: Michal Rataj, Czech Radio 2009


CD 1 - Track 6
Sofia Kamayianni: Words without words

The piece explores the parallel world which exists while dreaming, the hidden secrets of the subconscious. We encounter a whole landscape of voices talking in a language full of emotions, feelings, messages - messages which are not clear in the everyday language of the conscious mind but are definitely perceived through other paths.
The title was inspired by a short poem of Samuel Beckett  “e’coute-les”.
The piece is based on vocal samples created primarily by the composer herself, using extended vocal techniques. Source material is also recorded from performances by the singers Tobias Schlierf and Dora Petridi.

Performers: Tobias Sclierf, Dora Petridi, Sofia Kamayianni
produced by: GRERT  Radio, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation


CD 1 - Track 7
José Iges & Concha Jerez: RADIO NO-MAN'S LAND

As a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the EBU Ars Acustica the artists worked with a virtual dice over the board of a Parcheesi game. Some squares had sound, others gave instructions to the performers to make sound and visual actions.
Iges and Jerez have revisited documents of Sound Art and Radio Art which belong to everyone. They are monuments, but in a sense have become ready-mades, as they have become objects of functional use industrially reproduced by different media, including radio. Among these documents one can find some well-known voices, excerpts of radio art works, true and falsified news broadcasts, concrete sound effects like laughter, sounds of live webradio, sound actions, texts etc.
Performed  live in the ORF Funkhaus, Vienna during the EBU Ars Acustica meeting at the end of May 2009.
With the help of Instituto Cervantes de Vienna, viena.cervantes.es
produced by:    ORF Ö1-Kunstradio http://kunstradio.at/2009A/31_05_09en.html


CD 2

CD 2 - Track 1
Hanna Hartman: Night Lock

Hanna Hartman is a Swedish sound-artist living in Berlin. Between 2007-09, she was composer-in-residence at Swedish Radio Ltd.


CD 2 - Track 2
Miguel Azguime: Le Dicible Enfin Fini

Le Dicible Enfin Fini is a two channel sound text composition realized at the Miso Studio in Lisbon during the spring and summer of 2003. It is about words and the digital signal processing of phonemes, words and phrases.
The starting point is just a small sentence spoken in Portuguese, from a text by the composer himself, that is part of his piece “Salt Itinerary”, a new Op-Era and Electroacoustic Theatre work for voice, live-electronics and live-video. The meaning of this single sentence is hidden through cutting and splicing, arranged in a fast counterpoint at the beginning of the piece. This short sentence is the only material used for the whole piece. Can it be spoken?

Le Dicible Enfin Fini was awarded the EMS Prize 2003.



CD 2 - Track 3
Dmitriy Nikolaev: Orpheus Descending 
& friends who made donations of their  records  to the production:  Hanna Hartmann (Sweden), Gotz Naleppa (Germany), Matt Thompson (UK), Michael Sid (France), Gregory Whitehead (USA).

The recordings of musicians playing in metro, U-Bahn, underground, tube, subway stations …  in Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Paris, New York and Nantucket (where this kind of transportion doesn’t exist).

produced by: Radio Russia


CD 2 - Track 4
Stefano Giannotti: DIALOGHI
Radio-piece for voices, instruments, natural and electronic sounds

DIALOGHI is a kind of modular monument of sound and metaphor constructed like a clock, a perfect mechanism consisting of a great variety of one-minute pieces (dialogues). An abstract and surreal dialogue is created between sounds and musical instruments, between concepts and meanings. Some of these dialogue images merge into a kind of evolutionary process, revealing a moral to the story; by contrast, other constructs develop in closed-off directions, appearing to be pure actions. In terms of sound, they combine and change between bass tuba and percussion, between natural and electronic noises, rustling and voices. The end result is a kind of great mixed orchestra which in utopian fashion seeks to combine all the sounds in the world within itself.

performers: Voices: Sarah Palmer and Anthony Gibbs; Bass tuba, trumpet, water tubes: Marco Fagioli; Vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, tympani, tubular bells, drums, djembè, fog-horn: Frank Thomé; Electric guitar, bass guitar, banjo, keyboards, harmonica, recorders, sound-objects, recordings and treatments: Stefano Giannotti
Sound engineer: Manfred Seiler

produced by: Südwestrundfunk (SWR) 2008


CD 2 - Track 5
Anton Bruhin: Reittier

Anton Bruhin’s piece "Reittier" (eng.: "Mount" ) is made up of sounds that are generated by a jaw's harp combined with a recited series of palindromes (words like “racecar” or “civic” that can be read the same way in either direction). As a basis for this composition, Bruhin creates a continuous drone through the electromagnetically triggered jaw's harp and a continuous alteration of its harmonics. Grounded in this soundscape, miscellaneous solos on the jaw's harp alternate with sequences of the palindrome series.
Sound Recording at WDR Studio:
Daniel Velasco - Schwarzenberger
Jeanette Wirtz - Fabian

produced by:    Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln, WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst


CD 2 - Track 6
Juraj Ďuriš: Homage to John Cage - Composition In Retrospect

... some things changeD others not ... 
... My mEmory of whaT Happenned is nOt what happeneD ...
... iMitations invErsions reTrograde forms motives tHat are varied Or not varieD ...

"Homage to John Cage - Composition In Retrospect" – is not a dance- is not music – is resonance – is a walk round the memory – is invisible sculpture – is a unique form of abbreviation – is an art of concentration of story- is a walk round the garden’s of sonic images – is message- is a form of magic.    

Take a bit and create a new piece?!

After exactly 17 years, I returned to sound material that I had recorded in 1992 (DAT recording) during the visit of John Cage to Bratislava (several weeks before his demise & celebration of his 80th birthday). The duration of the whole voice recording was over one hour. I have created "Bonsai" – a short piece of radioart with limited duration. We have started to broadcast this format regularly and successfully on Radio Devín from 2007.

  The experience of Cage’s "symphony of spoken word" was very strong for me and therefore I have endeavored to create a kind of sonic sculpture in this symbolic form. It is an attempt at a unique abbreviation, an art of the concentration of a story, a walk around the garden’s of sonic images. This fascinating experience has become an acoustic imprint of a moment with this outstanding composer.


CD 2 - Track 7
ProTon Sonic Art (Agnieszka Waligórska & Pekka Sirén): RADIO - What It Is?
Premiered  live January 17,  2007 at the Fine Arts Academy Helsinki

Text-sound, radioscape, collage and performing. A live sound performance. "Think of radio as an expanding, undulating space, where voices are freely flowing and continuously creating new meanings, new kinds of constructions, new auditory actions, new connections..."

produced by:    ProTon Sonic Art Group


LINK: http://www.ebu.ch/en/radio/euroradio_classics/arsacustica/index.php