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Foto: Klaus Bock

„Back to Presence / Zurück in die Gegenwart“ 

by Klaus Bock, Konrad Cernohous, Katharina Hinterlechner and A. D. Martinz

A radio broadcast in Kunstradio's online archive
Realised in the framework of a seminar held by Brigitte Felderer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna


The website has been online since 1995, when it was created, designed and maintained by artists associated with Kunstradio. In addition to information on current programs and on air – on line art projects, it contains the extensive archive of all Kunstradio broadcasts, from the first on 3rd December 1987 up to the most recent one. A group of students at Vienna's University of Applied Arts has used this archive for their radio piece „Back to presence“ and created an acoustic archive search: we hear voices navigating us through the labyrinth of URLs, instructing us on following paths, losing them and returning to previous sites, without ever getting where we are supposed to end up. At times absurd and funny, the piece comments on the idiosyncracies of radio and internet.

„In our radio piece various voices – known ones and anonymous ones, enthusiastic or reserved, professionally outgoing or quietly ntrovert – navigate us through the dense archive of Kunstradio and ask tus to follow verbal instructions. We hear, what is usually communicated visually or through mouse clicks: disturbingly long, virtually illegible internet addresses, descriptions of icons and graphic elements, which serve as visual orientations through the graphic landscape of and which – being verbalised – require all of our attention.

The radio broadcasts refers directly to the website and back to radio. If you lose track of the broadcast and prefer not to pay attention, you can go back in time and retrieve a new presence, over and over again. Thus we open a space between radio and the world wide web, which keeps transforming, updating itself and thereby withdraws itself from the archive.

'Back to presence' refers to the multimedia dimension of Kunstradio, which since its first broadcast has been trying to establish a conceptual link between the transitory voice on air and the eternity of the internet.“

Idea, concept, texts, recordings: Klaus Bock, Konrad Cernohous, Brigitte Felderer, Katharina Hinterlechner and A. D. Martinz

Voices: Eva Blimlinger, Klaus Bock, Konrad Cernohous, Claire Chatel, Sophie Erschen, Brigitte Felderer, Katharina Hinterlechner, Monika Kiehn, Bettina Jordan, Paul Kraker, A. D. Martinz, Jakob Scheid, Irene Suchy, Magdalena Winkler, Heinz Zuber

Mix: A. D. Martinz