Sunday, 25. November 2012, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1



– blown backwards into the future”

Part 5:


With Marek Piacek, Zuzana Gacíková, students of the University of Žilina and Marold Langer-Philippsen


For the fifth part of his PARADISELOST series that draws on the eponymous epic poem by the English writer John Milton, Marold Langer-Philippsen collaborated with Marek Piaček and students of the University of Žilina. The piece was recorded at the Kunsthalle, the former synagogue of the Slovakian village that is now an arts centre. In accordance with John Milton’s work, episode five of the radio art epic corresponds with the chapter about rebellion.
„A rebellion breaks into melodious symphonies, into the state of well-being. Is the only possibility of revolt when everything is perfect?
PARADISELOST V REBELLION follows Milton’s description of the Garden of Eden and its inhabitants: Eve, who awakened from a nightmare, and Adam are visited by an envoy from heaven, Rafael, who later talks about revolt, rebellion, the state of war in heaven, as he wants to warn the couple against the influence of the dark forces.
The live recording was made at the new synagogue in Žilina on 7 November 2012. Constructed by Peter Behrens in 1928–1931, it is now reconstructed with extraordinary commitment and with the support of the citizens. The more than forty participants in this instalment made the building resound with their music. Moving around the space, the musicians of the classical and folk ensembles and the members of the choir were conducted by laser. “Trávnice”, traditional songs that are sung by women at haymaking on mountain pastures, were reworked based on Josef Jungmann’s Czech translation of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and they provided one of the musical structures for the performance.
Densely constructed spatial music evokes the atmosphere of Eden, into which the world of rebellion breaks, as an angel reports a message.

Foto by Dušan Dobiaš
Marek Piaček – musical concept, conductor
Marold Langer-Philippsen – concept, direction, narration 
Zuzana Gacíková – voice, texts of the folk songs (“trávnice”)
members of the ensemble Musica falsa et ficta
Miro Tóth – artistic director, saxophone
members of the folk ensemble Považan a Bystričan
Dobro Kortman – artistic director, solo violin, voice
OMNIA, mixed choir of Žilina University 
Monika Bažíková – choirmaster 
students of the music schools in Bojnice and Handlová
Ľubomír Pavelka – artistic director
lighting design:
Ints Plavnieks, Daniel Kozlík
Dušan Dobiaš
laser design:
Juraj Bočinec

Foto by Juraj Velička

Based on the original composition by Marek Piaček, “STROJart pour l’art”, organised by PBlog at the Považská Bystrica factory grounds in September 2011.
recorded at:
Nová synagóga/Kunsthalle Žilina
7 November 2012, 6 p.m.
recorded by:
students of the Department of Telecommunications and Multimedia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Žilina University  
directed by Martin Vaculík
students of the Department of Mediamatics and Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Humanities, Žilina University 
directed by Marek Piaček
mixed by Marek Piaček and Marold Langer-Philippsen
organisers of the event:
Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, cultural node
University of Žilina:
Faculty of Humanities
– Department of Mediamatics and Cultural Heritage
– Department of Music*
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
– Department of Telecommunications and Multimedia
* With financial support from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, provided through the Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA) 1/0096/09 project, “Sound as a Musical and Aesthetic Problem”.