Sunday, 1. December 2013, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1


„Colourfield For Strings”

by Colin Fallows


This special edition of Colourfield For Strings by Colin Fallows has been developed specifically for Kunstradio with the option for listeners to experience the piece as a sonic triptych via three radio sources simultaneously. The three radio sources can be arranged in the same room or in different rooms for bespoke listening experiences whilst moving through the spaces.

Colourfield For Strings is composed, arranged and produced by Colin Fallows in the context of ongoing research exploring crossovers between sound and the visual arts and the listening experience of sound within specific spaces. Fallows creates multi-layered drones of sound, dense with microtones which generate numerous overtones through bespoke tuning to resonant performance spaces. Colourfield For Strings is a multi-layered sound painting for prepared and treated electric guitars arranged in a sequence of rhythms and structures using Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals as a musical score. Large scale sound shapes are painted from a rich sonic mix of electric guitar recordings by Fallows and Will Sergeant (guitarist with Echo and The Bunnymen). As the piece unfolds the layers of sustained drones evolve into ever more complex rhythms forming dense sonic strata rich in harmonic overtones.

Colourfield For Strings was originally commissioned by Tate Liverpool as a multi-channel immersive sound installation in conjunction with the exhibition of Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals in the Wolfson Gallery at Tate Liverpool (2009). The sound-installation at Tate explored relationships between sound, space, time and listener via multi-speaker systems in site-specific configurations in relation to Rothko's Seagram Murals. Further versions of Colourfield For Strings featured in the play Red (by Logan, J., 2009) about Mark Rothko (dir. Tomory, P.) and accompanying sound installation at the Euro Theater Central, Bonn, Germany (06.12.2012
- 01.2013).

Colourfield For Strings is recorded as a limited edition (333 copies) artist's multiple with the piece arranged in four eighteen-minute movements on two-disc 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Optional twin turn-table systems can be used to playback both discs simultaneously in various combinations and the piece can also be experienced using the vari-speed facility available on single or twin turn-table systems.