Sunday, 4. August 2013, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1



A series of programs for Kunstradio devoted to Iberoamerican Radio Art

curated by José Iges

  1. Andrés Mondaca, CHI: Tribulaciones (Tribulations) 2012, 7'05"
  2. María Ponce, MX: Reencuentros (Re-encounters) (premiere) 2013, 6'55"
  3. Mauricio Prieto, COL: Tambor palenque (Drum palenque) 2012, 7'07"
  4. Jorge Marredo, ES: Voz, tambor y ensayo (Voice, drum and rehearsal) 2012, 7'22"
  5. Emiliano López Rascón, MX: RESONOCER 3.0 (2012-2013) premiere, 24'

Introductory Text

by José Iges

RESONOSER took part of the activities of RESONANTES, 1st. Ibero-American meeting of sound art in radio. Coming from a project by the mexican radio-artist Emiliano López Rascón, and coordinated by Pedro López and José Iges, RESONOSER invited to Iberoamerican sound and radio artists to participate in an experience of collective creation that essentially consisted of sharing recordings obtained in different geographic coordinates and made multiple versions or mixes, some of them as a radioperformance, held the 4th October at Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico in the context of the 9th International Biennial of Radio and using live three radio stations in Mexico City. 

RESONOSER, as open and collaborative work, proposes a rich set of meanings and resonances encrypted in the idea of imagining new remixes; that each separate channel and its regions converge in a common space. It is a celebration of reflection and resonance, of harmonics generated by the otherness of the revocability of the fateful, that another mix is always possible. It is a point of departure and arrival, a one-way and return of the sound in their echoes and reverberations; in its rebounds and reflexes that return us to us on the other.

RESONOSER featured the participation of sound and radio artists of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Mexico, implemented through the web platform Radioartnet. From these sound samples, raised as a record of footprints, postcards and impressions of everyday life, eight final mixes and the before mentioned radioperformance were made.

In this program we will offer the mixes made by Andrés Mondaca (Chile), María Ponce (México), Mauricio Prieto (Colombia), Jorge Marredo (Spain) and Emiliano López Rascón (México)

1. Andrés Mondaca, CHI:
Tribulaciones (Tribulations)

2012, 7'05"


2. María Ponce, MX:
Reencuentros (Re-encounters)
premiere 2013, 6'55"


3. Mauricio Prieto, COL:
Tambor palenque (Drum palenque)
2012, 7'07"


4. Jorge Marredo, ES:
Voz, tambor y ensayo (Voice, drum and rehearsal) 
2012, 7'22"


5. Emiliano López Rascón, MX:
RESONOCER 3.0 (2012-2013)
premiere, 24'