Sunday, 20. March 2015, 23:03 - 1:00, Ö1




by José Iges

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It is a radio series of 1-minute sound works, dedicated to people who have been important in my life for various reasons. It is art subjective, debtor of very diverse materials that function as quotes, when not as “apropriations” in the purest post-modern spirit, They are sound waste illuminated by their confrontation, metamorphosis, and mixing. In its live present-action, they update and question the drama of technological supports and media for which, perhaps, were created. Radio is primary reference, not only for autobiographical reasons. In these works, there is a place for humor, irony, abstraction, process, the game, the unexpected. And also for a melancholy which is imposed from a barely regained memory.

sound Jose Iges about the selection for Kunstradio

sound Jose Iges about the idea of Dedications

CD Dedications by José Iges (released 2016 world-edition)