Sunday, 29. January 2017, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



Image: Stefan Biedermann

Art’s Birthday Review 2 – unwrapping the presents

Art’s Birthday 2017: We have been patient long enough – now it is time to unpack the presents that Art has received for its 1.000,054th Birthday! Kunstradio is not only a hub in the international Network for Art’s Birthday, it is furthermore a point of exchange for acoustic and visual gifts. Everybody is welcome to upload files in the Art’s Birthday Pool of presents – they are available to everyone, they can be downloaded, remixed or played on the radio. In this program we open the panorama of presents with reflections on Art and its production, we listen to animals and waters, make field trips in radio space and end in electric, abstract spheres somewhere in outer space.

1) Ivolinnen „Listen to the Radio“ 17‘‘

2) Bernadette Johnson „Radiogeister“ 1‘26‘‘

3) Grit Lieder „Ich mach Kunst“ 6‘03‘‘

4) der sprechchor „kunst 2017“ 1‘08‘‘

5) Klaus Taschler "Ohne Titel" 1‘05‘‘

6) Steve Bates „VerdunRainLeaves“ 2‘24‘‘

7) Chra „Schwarzer Fluss“ 4‘19‘‘

8) Hendrik Walcher „The map is not the territory“ 1‘09‘‘

9) Emanuel Kury “Animal Speech” 3’18’’

10) Jaques Foschia “Tribunale” 3’03’’

11) Colin Black “Babel Free Radio” 6’23’’

12) Kate Donovan “Chorus duet for radio” 13’37’’

13) Mathias Lenz “AB17” 4’24’’

14) TROPUS (Tobias Leibetseder, Julian Rudisch) “Gliese” 5’18’’

15) Simona „Raumschiff – Weltall“ 1‘02‘‘

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