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1) “Friends About The Polywave”
2) “Not Nietzsche of The Totimorphous”

by GX Jupitter-Larsen


In his sound piece „Friends About the Polywave“, Los Angeles based artist GX Jupitter-Larssen recounts his social network by paying tribute to his dearest friends and fellows. It is his attempt to measure nothing less but “how we live”. He says:

“Friends About The Polywave is a roll-call of my closest friends, those who had the most positive affect on my life. Originally done as part of a sound installation at the Coaxial Arts Center in Los Angeles in the summer of 2018, this re-mix for Kunstradio includes additional names and voices. We are the sum of those we meet in life. This is our relationship to the world. This is how we can measure how we live…”

The second piece, “Not Nietzsche of The Totimorphous”, feathers the voices of Daniel Löwenbrück, Dave Phillips, Euge ne Voronovsky, Jessica King, Joke Lanz, Diana Ø Tørsløv Møller, Rudolf, Tara Bhattacharya Reed, Karolina Koch, Marcellvs L, and Michael Muennich. In this rosetta stone type voice collage, GX wonders what he would have said if he had been Nietzsche: “Would he have said that to achieve greatness it is not enough to simply elevate oneself. Would he have said, to achieve true greatness one must also elevate all those around one’s self. Yes, but maybe Nietzsche did say this any way.“

Coaxial Arts Foundation