Sonntag, 04. April 2021, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



Radio Anja
by blablabor


Anja is on air on Ö1. Anja is the program. Anja is the radio. I am radio: Radio Anja. With Radio Anja, Blablabor enables both media, radio and Instagram, to format each other. With 1 minute radio plays on Instagram, Blablabor opens up a radiophonic dimension to this medium. And vice versa, the Instagram radio plays are reformatting old auntie Radio. Because an Instagram radio play works differently than a radio radio play.

But who is Anja? Anja is an influencer on Instagram. She herself does not appear directly in the radio plays. She commissions posts from her social network. The entourage refers to Anja: "Hello Anja, I have a new pasta recipe..." or "Ciao Anja, your last post made me once again..." or "Hoi Anja, thank you for your birthday wishes...". So Anja is the subject of Radio Anja. But only as a shadow, as feedback, as a phantom.

Everyone has an idea of Anja, but no one knows her. Not even the artists involved. Blablabor now confronts them with questions about their relationship to Anja, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. Blablabor assembles these recordings and material from the Radio Anja radio plays into this new overall piece disregarding hierarchies between interferences, background noise, sound, story telling, word art.

Participating Artists:

oliver augst
butterland -
angélica castello
franziska dick / martin lorenz - /
heike fiedler
natascha gangl / rdeča raketa / matija schellander
simon grab -
tom heithoff -
florian hüttner -
bernadette johnson -
christian kesten -
antoine läng
joke lanz -
marc matter
julia mihály -
bruno pisek
doris schmid / eunice martins - /
antje vowinckel -
steffi weismann -
ralf wendt

Radio Anja