Sonntag, 05. Dezember 2021, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1




by Marion Steinfellner und Herbert J. Wimmer


Air is the boundary as well as the connection of humankind to the world, to its environment, to all other beings. We breathe each other in, we breathe each other out, we breathe into each other, we transform each other breathing. Now is body, now is rhythm.

Breath becomes sound and poetic text. Breath opens, Breath closes. Language and the world can be experienced as an acoustic labyrinth that emerges as we move through it breathing, a labyrinth of rhythms and structures that permanently interact with each other, reinforce and dissolve each other. Two voices, two people speak to each other, breathe into each other, a composition is realized, listening we move through the Amazing Maze by Michael Fischer, Marion Steinfellner and Herbert J. Wimmer, secure in the compositions of Hildur Gudnadottir, full of wonder, enchanted, in relaxed alertness.

Now there is radiophony, sonically realized by Martin Leitner and Daniel Bren, as contemplative as simple and clear, the listening experience of vocal, sonic, poetic transformations unfolds in mutuality, a continuous movement, vocal, instrumental, we engage, we engage, for each other, with each other, in each other. Let's go on. Now.

Additional text credits: LUFT ATEM LABYRINTH also contains formulations by Ingeborg Bachmann, Elfriede Gerstl and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Marion Steinfellner and Herbert J. Wimmer - Oktober 2021