Samstag, 02. Juli 2022, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1




Radio plays itself

by Raviv Granchow


by Arsenije Jovanovic

Today is Funkhaus day on Ö1! In this special edition of Kunstradio dive under the surfaces of this place where radio has been produced for decades and which Österreich1 will leave in 2022, in the 55th year of Ö1’ existence.

Der Künstler Raviv Ganchrow, der sich sehr eingehend mit dem Radio, seiner Geschichte, Technologie und seinen Räumen beschäftigt, sagt über sein Radiostück „Radio Plays Itself“: „Wenn ich das Publikum dazu bringen kann, sich selbst beim Radiohören zuzuhören, dann habe ich erreicht, was ich wollte“.

The artist Raviv Ganchrow, who has studied radio, its history, technology and spaces in great depth, says of his radio piece "Radio Plays Itself": "If I can get the audience to listen to themselves listening to the radio, then I will have achieved what I wanted." "Radio plays itself” is a radio piece about radio, about its history, materiality and spaces of creation, about listening habits, about its origins and limitations. The piece was created in 2013 for Kunstradio in the radio play studio of the ORF Funkhaus, the legendary RP4, by sound artist and researcher Raviv Ganchrow.

Ö1 Kunstradio and Studio RP4 have a long history together - numerous radio art and radio drama productions have been created here, as well as live broadcasts. In 1990 Kunstradio invited 17 female literary artists, composers and visual artists to a workshop in the digital radio play studio of the ORF - the results were released as a 5-part CD box entitled "RP4". The artistic director was Arsenije Jovanovic, and sound engineers were Zoran Jerkovic and Gerhard Wieser. In close cooperation of the three, for example, the piece Klavierabtasten was created. The concept was to really create the piece from the auditory complex of RP4, that is, using only the objects on site, as well as hands, skin and voice.

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