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Red Rooms – Radio Roja

by Angélica Castelló in collaboration with Miguel Ángel Gaspar and Jérôme Noetinger

  • Angélica Castelló: idea, concept, composition, musical direction
  • Miguel Ángel Gaspar: concept, direction, movement
  • Ximena Escalante: dramaturgy
  • Ximena Escalante, Angélica Castelló, Miguel Ángel Gaspar: libretto
  • Radio voices: Wolfram Berger, Hagnot Elischka, Christian Reiner, Martina Spitzer,
    Sabine Marte, Natascha Gangl, Miki Malör und Elisabeth Findeis
  • Texts and quotes: Ximena Escalante, Salvador Novo, Louise Bourgeois, Vilem Flusser
  • Translation: Miguel Angel, Angelica Castelló, Claudia Mader

  • Thanks to Edwarda Gurrola, Félix Blume and Burkhard Stangl

  • A radio music theater inspired by Louise Bourgeois' installation Red Room (child) and Red Room (parents) about truth and lies, about lust and abuse, about love and power for voices, chamber ensemble, recorder trio, Revox tape machine, radios, cassette player and electronics in seven acts.

  • Color is stronger than language. It's a subliminal communication. Red is an affirmation at any cost - regardless of the dangers in fighting - of contradictions, of aggressions. It symbolizes the intensity of the emotions involved. (Louise Bourgeois)

  • Radio Roja is the radio station in the Red Rooms universe.

    Red Rooms is the place where several Red Riding Hoods, wolves, a forest, grandmothers meet... the grandmother of the Red Riding Hood and mother of the wolf.... the wolf is the father of the Little Red Riding Hood and the son of the grandmother.... the roles are interwoven, complex....

    Also present is Salvador Novo, who in the world of Red-Rooms is not a writer but a well-known radio host ...

    There are also Louise Bourgeois and Sigmund Freud and other important and less important beings ... some more twisted, others less ... all meeting there to explore their own perversions ...

    Today, the famous presenter Novo welcomes on Radio Roja the characters of the famous fairy tale, he wants to know what happened between the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood ... and he wants his listeners to have a more or less clear version of the scandal.

    The inner and outer spaces - where "inner" stands not only for the psyche and "outer" not only for society or culture -, open existential experiences in different degrees of abstraction. In seven episodes, behavioral patterns of a familial, moral, or erotic nature come to the surface. The radio is both a crime scene and a temple, a place of memories and events. The radio audience becomes an eavesdropping voyeur of a claustrophobic-immersive world full of innocence, danger, life, death, sex and eros.

    The stage version of "Red Rooms or seven episodes about a precarious relationship: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf" will be premiered together with Ensemble PHACE at Schauspielhaus Wien on 02.11.2022 as part of the Wien Modern Festival.

  • © Markus Sepperer
  • Production i5haus with the kind support of Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (FONCA) Mexico, SKE of Austro Mechana in co-production with Wien Modern, PHACE, Musica Strasbourg, La Muse en Circuit and ORF Ö1 Kunstradio, and in cooperation Schauspielhaus Wien.