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Ornament und Verbrechen

by Students of the Institute for Sprachkunst and Sounddesign

  • Direction: Orhan Kipcak and Astrid Drechsler
  • Voices: Bettina Gjecaj and Roman Blumenschein

  • Statement

  • It is a collaboration with tradition, which each time brings new and astonishing results to light: literary texts by students of language arts at the University of Applied Arts are acoustically transformed by sound design students at the FH Joanneum in Graz.

    Ö1 Kunstradio provides the framework for this collaboration and presents the results on air: nine short audio pieces with a wide range of content and design. What they have in common, however, is the theme: the architect and pioneer of modernism, Adolf Loos, his polemic "Ornament & Crime" and his pedophilia. Only in recent years has a debate arisen in Loos scholarship about the re-evaluation of Adolf Loos and his canonized work, in light of the serious sexual abuse of three 8-10 year old girls. The complete court file on the "criminal proceedings against Adolf Loos for defilement as well as seduction to fornication" was long considered lost until it was found a few years ago during an apartment clearance.

    "Adolf Loos' polemic about the connection between the unadorned and the modern is still the subject of controversy more than a hundred years after it was written - not least because of the person of the author himself.

    Now, at the Institute for Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, aspiring authors have taken Loos' trenchant theses as the occasion for their own texts, some of which also link Loos' cultural-theoretical reflections to his criminal career - the architect was convicted as a sex offender towards the end of his life.

    Nine short audio pieces were developed from those texts, nine confrontations that present Loos in many guises: as - obviously - a famous architect, but also as a catastrophic visionary, a dandyesque clown, a trickster, a maker of soundscapes, bar backdrops and column sanctuaries, and finally as a salt vessel prophet and - a twist on the horrific - a child molester.

    The project was led by media artist and author Orhan Kipcak, who teaches "Medial, Experimental and Interdisciplinary Forms of Language Art" at the Angewandte. The audio design of the audio pieces was developed in collaboration with Astrid Drechsler, head of the sound design master's program at the FH Joanneum in Graz, and her students.


  • Salzlöffel
  • text: Josephine Güntner, Leonie Ziem
  • sound design: Noah Rachdi

  • Das zweite Urteil
  • text: Ines Frieda Försterling und Helene Slancar
  • voices: Helene Slancar, Leonie Ziem und Ines Frieda Försterling
  • sound design von: Florian Schaubmaier

  • Die Onomatopoesie des Dr. Yli-Pulli
  • text: Leonie Pürmayr & Simon Skrepek
  • voices: Johanna Bertl & Kari Rakkola
  • sound design: Florian Jaritz

  • Als Loos mir im Traum erschien
  • text: Helene Proißl und Laurenz Rogi
  • voices: Betty Gjecaj und Roman Blumenschein
  • sound design: Björn Bernreiter

  • Artefakte
  • text: Katharina Heubner
  • voices: Betty Gjecaj und Roman Blumenschein
  • sound design: Lukas Steinegger

  • ohne titel
  • text: Felix Senzenberger
  • voices: Roman Blumenschein
  • sound design: Aaron Nossek

  • Womanhood
  • text: Karoline Therese Marth
  • voices: Betty Gjecaj und Roman Blumenschein
  • sound design: Lehel Török

  • Dieser Raum
  • text: Valerie Prinz
  • voices: Betty Gjecaj und Roman Blumenschein
  • sound design: Lehel Török

  • text: Sascha Bruch / Mae Schwinghammer
  • voices: Roman Blumenschein, Vanessa Heibel, Isabelle von Spreckelsen, Sascha Bruch, Mae Schwinghammer
  • sound design: Christoph Bus

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