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„noch kurz“ – ein Zufallsmix

More than forty short excerpts form the basis of "noch kurz" - a random mix. These mostly one-minute sound snippets come almost exclusively from Ö1 Kunstradio productions of the last twenty years.

Ö1 Kunstradio was founded in December 1987 by art critic and journalist Heidi Grundmann as a venue for radio art. The program soon expanded far beyond the ORF broadcasting channels into art spaces and museums as well as other media and public spaces.

Innovative projects were developed in collaboration with artists and artists' groups from all over the world, as well as with art associations, festivals and museums, which dealt intensively with the latest technologies and possibilities of the time, such as the World Wide Web, as the Internet was called in the early 1990s. New approaches and spaces for art and radio were sometimes experimented with for the first time in Ö1 Kunstradio and thus in national public broadcasting.

Kunstradio Online was founded in 1995 by the visual artist and telecommunications art pioneer Robert Adrian X together with the artist group x-space (Horst Hörtner, Martin Schitter, Jutta Schmiederer and Gerfried Stocker).

Kunstradio Online has served as a venue for innovative radio art projects such as Horizontal Radio or Art's Birthday, and also functions as one of the most comprehensive online archives for international radio art. And it is or was also a programme announcement. Short excerpts - usually one minute long - were offered in the programme calendar for each Kunstradio programme for announcements and a quick listen to a radio art work.

For "Noch kurz - ein Zufallsmix", more than 40 excerpts were put together in a purely random order. An astonishing variety of speech, voices, sounds, natural noises and musical sounds from live and pre-produced Kunstradio pieces come together to form a new whole.

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