and-or: rené bauer, beat suter and mirjam weder

and-or is an art group which is looking to find new ways of communication by tapping into the subconscious streams of human minds and network data. and-or has been founded in 2001 by rene bauer und beat suter, it is based in zurich, switzerland. in 2006 and-or's work streamfishing received an award from the ars electronica for mapping a collective subconscious via users input in search-engines. and-or is looking to find new ways of interactivity and concreativity between human user and machine. It uses feeds of constant ideas and thoughts, feeds of publicly available pictures and sounds and behaviour-patterns of gameplay to visualize what lies beneath the digital surface and beyond the common limits of communication. the project gamescape transposes player movements through several stages into architecture and an urban landscape which then can be reused as 3D-data and can alter the virtual map of the world (in google earth). the recent projects are created for a mobile device and capture and transpose communication waves between humans and machines into music or games.

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