Isabella Bordoni
Isabella Bordoni

Born in 1962, Rimini (Italy)
She is an independent author, artist and curator. After humanistic and philosophical studies and years of teaching in public school with deaf-mute teenagers, she dedicates herself to art's creation and artistic engagement.

After a first phase from the mid-1980s until the end of 2000, when she was active as author and interpreter in the Northern European scene of performing arts, mixed-media, sound-art and in the Italian theatre of research, poetry and contemporary art; she crosses - both under the name of collectives and with her own name - the territories of theory and practise of the public and participatory arts, using different device and artistic languages. In this context, she create collaborative platforms between art, humans and environment studies, acoustical and linguistic research.

From the early 2000s she is also involved in curating and artistic direction, teaching and training in Academies of Fine Arts Universities. Since then Bordoni works with the terms "poetic citizenship", "urban dramaturgies", "poetry.scapes", she works on out-of-format projects, between places and community, language and welfare, urban and housing policies, technology, landscape and social space, for open-projects that deal often with urban dramaturgies, dramaturgy of listening, public art and relational publishing, anticipating that art-activism recognized today as “urban regeneration on a cultural basis”. In fact for decades Isabella has expanded the network of artistic action and connects the fields of art to those of community welfare, curatorial art translate into care for urban planning and housing policies. She investigate the relationships between bodies, spaces, forms of living; between event and document; she opens her artistic research to the emergence and reflection on which times and which spaces of reciprocity exist between action, documentation, history, counter-narratives, listening experience and on what the document generates and places in the world.

Since 2016 Isabella Bordoni is responsible for IMAGONIRMIA art residency & publishing project & international award.

ORF-Kunstradio broadcasts:

26. 01. 1989: "Segnali Radio Sulla Costa Atlantica"
09. 04. 1992: "La Natura"
10. 12. 1992: "Niemandsland", with Roberto Paci Dalò, Tullio Brunone and David Moss as guest
29. 09. 1994: "Lost Memories"
09. 02. 1995: "Many Many Voices", with Roberto Paci Dalò
18. 06. 1998: "Disparate Multisensory Texture"
03. 09. 1998: "Atlanti Invisibili", with Roberto Paci Dalò
11. 03. 1999: "DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA / Zwiegespräche über den Anschein" - with Rupert Huber
07. 11. 1999: "DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA / Zwiegespräche über den Anschein #2" - with Rupert Huber
17. 06. 2001: "POETRY BOX: recita dell´ombra"
21. 03. 2004: "FIORITURE - a poetryscape"
21. 05. 2006: ANDANTE CON FIGURE – NEL VERSO DI I.B. eine Hommage an Ingeborg Bachmann in 5.1
12. 08. 2007: 40 / 20 - 40 Jahre Österreich 1 / 20 Jahre Kunstradio
28. 06. 2009: "La marcia dei Solitari“
04. 01. 2015: "Fortuna"
11. 04. 2021: Imagonirmia feat. "Helicotrema. An incomplete self-portrait"
14. 11. 2021: Imagonirmia feat. "Alessandro Perini. Site-Specific Listening"

Projects for Kunstradio On Line:

1999:"DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA" - Web project with Rupert Huber & Markus Seidl

Participation in Kunstradio-Projects:

05. 10. 1993: "Radiobeams"
22. 02. 1996: HORIZONTAL RADIO: "Circle of Stars - I´m a European now"