(((Eat rain)))

(((Eat rain)))
Jader Cartagena - Edwin Velez
Jader Cartagena is Master in Fine Arts and Master of Aesthetics  from  the National University of Colombia. Currently teaches at University of Antioquia and EAFIT. Edwin Velez is social communicator from Antioquia University and candidate for Humanistic Studies Master in EAFIT University, currently serves as a professor at this university.

(((Eat rain))) is a group based in Medellin Colombia, emerged in 2009 as a side project  of the experimental music group from Medellín, Encisos after the rain. His first job, done that year, was the documentary acousmatic Mechanical Seers. In 2010 they released their first CD, Sounds Ethel, who was awarded a special mention in the category Media Art, the International Image Festival that year. Sounds Ethel was performed live at the Festival in 2011 and at that university in August 2011. In 2012 published his work The things of the village, which is part of an investigation into the urban sound, hawkers and noise pollution in the city of Medellin. In that same year performed the work La petite mort, which aired live on the International Hall Gallery and Arts Center at the University of Antioquia. This work will be presented as part of the 13 International Image Festival of Manizales, at the invitation of the organizers. Currently the group is working on several projects sonic landscape and archeology.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

21. 07. 2013: Las cosas del pueblo