Simohammed Fettaka

Born in Tangier, 1981, lives and work between Tangier and Paris.

Fettakas work predominantly uses the medium of film, however it also incorporates photography and collage and extends to other art forms such as installation, sound art and performance. At the centre of his work is a reflection on the presentation of the image. This graphic personal interpretation is based on collective memory: the individual visual experience must thereby lead us to question our sense of ourselves.
Each person has an intimate story about sexuality. Inspired by Jean Eustache's film Une sale histoire (1977), the director stages a sonic piece in which an actor tells the story of how he became a voyeur, becoming obsessed by the peeping-hole in the women's toilet at his local bar. 
Couple's testimonies, breakdowns and desire ... Health stories at human scale. An investigation of love and sex in Paris today.
" Born in 1981 , Simohammed Fettaka is a multidisciplinary artist based between Paris and Tangier. Founder of the film festival Cinema Nachia in Tangier, he has worked as a documentary and experimental film-maker, producing a body of work that repeatedly questions the relationship between representation, individuality and politics.
Alongside his film work , he developed a more comprehensive visual artist practice, embodied in photographic series, collages, installations and sound pieces, regularly exhibited in France and abroad. His work has been presented in many group exhibitions including Muhka Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium), Artist in focus Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), Old Truman Brewery (London, Great Britain), Gallery Dominique Fiat with CulturesInterface (Paris, France). He is currently involved in the program of experimentation in art and politics at Sciences Po (Paris).

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