William Furlong

William Furlong in the Audio Arts studio, 1991.


Born in 1944. Lives and works in London.
William Furlong belongs to the generation of British artists who developed a new concept of sculpture in the 1970's and 80's (Gilbert & George, Bruce McLean, Paul Richards etc.). Furlong's special contribution has been in the area of "Sound" and, with the founding of Audio Arts (together with Michael Archer) in 1973, he began a project of mapping the territory of contemporary art in a series of cassette editions. The Audio Arts project is not only a massive archive of interviews with artists but also contains documents of important exhibitions, symposia and festivals plus many original acustic works by artists. William Furlong is professor at the Wimbelton School of Art in London.

William Furlong ist Künstler, Verleger und Professor an der Wimbledon School of Art in London. Er arbeitete in großem Umfang mit führenden internationalen Theoretikern und Künstlern wie z.B. John Cage, Dan Graham,und Laurie Anderson im Bereich Audio-Arts und Audio-Arts-Technik und hat eine Vielzahl von Multimedia-Arbeiten herausgebracht.

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

10. 12. 1987: Das Radio-Interview mit Marcel Duchamp (1959)
17. 4. 1997: "Identity & Location: Walls of Sound"
19. 2. 1998: "Touching Base - The Here and Now"

Teilnahme an ORF-Kunstradio Veranstaltungen

13. 10. 1988: "With the eyes shut"
4.- 7. 12. 1997: "Recycling the Future"
Juli-Aug. 1998: "Kunst in der Stadt" Installation.
17.1.1999: "Wiencouver - Art's Birthday Party"

Selected Exhibitions and Presentations
- New Contemporaries at the Tate Gallery

- Northern Ireland Open 100
- John Moores Liverpool Exhibition

- Founded Audio Arts Magazine, on cassette

-"Academic Board" with Bruce McLean

- "Art for Society", Whitechapel Art Gallery
- Modern Art Galerie (Grita Insam), Vienna

- "British Soundworks", Franklin Furnace, NYC
- Riverside Studios, London

- "Live to Air", Tate Gallery, London
- "British Soundworks", Franklin Furnace, NYC
- "Audio by Artists", Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada
- "The Sculpture Show", Hayward Gallery, London

- The Orchard Gallery, Londonderry, N.Ireland (L.P.Record)
- "On the Wall/On the Air", M.I.T., Cambridge, U.S.A.

- "British Art Show", Australia
- The Foksal Gallery, Warsaw
- "Sound/Vision" Plymouth Arts Centre & Spacex Centre, Exeter

- "0782 272121 six works on the telephone", National Garden Festival,
  Stoke-on-Trent (Cassette Publication)
- "Arris" ICA public works, St. James's Chruch, Piccadilly, London
  (Boxed cassette publication)

- Interim Art, London (installation & 45 rpm record)
- "Accent for a Start" Newcstle; Bradford; Manchester, and
  Riverside Studios, London
  (Performance & LP Record)
- "State of the Nation" Herbert Gallery, Coventry
- "Media Exhibition" Stockholm, Sweden
- "Soundworks Exhibition", Triskel Arts Centre, Cork
- "Placement and Recognition", presentation at "With the Eyes Shut", Graz.

- "Placement and Recognition", installtion & performance,
  Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK

- "Radio Garden", Tyne International, Installation as part of the
  National Garden Festival.

- "Process & Identity", commissioned by the Galerie of Contemporary Art,
  Leipzig for "Zone D"

- "Radio Beyond", BBC Radio 3 - a 12 minute sound work
  commisioned for live European broadcast.
- Documenta 9, Audio Arts, Reclam Verlag book lauch and performance.

- Roma Europa Festival, Rome, Electronic Arts Section - six sound works.
- "Time Garden", a new work for "HA HA contemporary British Sculpture
  in an 18th Century Park" (Killerton Park, Devon)
- Salon de Musique, Suite d'automne, (sound installation) Galerie Lara Vincey, Paris.

- "Audio Arts: Discourse & Practice in Contemporary Art", performance &
  book launch, Serpentine Gallery, London.
- "Beyond the Pale" A.A.R.T (Audio Artists Radio Transmisions)
  Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
- Lesezimmer II (Audio Arts in the 1970's and 80's), Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart,
  Munich, Vienna.

- "The Oily Men of Mill Dam Bank" an installation and soundwork,
  Customs House, South Shields.
- "Uhmms and Ahs" CD new work for CD published by Galerie Lara Vincey, Paris.
- "Hearing is Believing": six soundworks commissioned for Broadcast, Liverpool.
- The Korean Bienalle, six photoworks from the Leipzig series.
- "Image, Sequence of Time", a commissioned multi-media work for the
  BFF congress, Schatten, Farbe, Licht, Stuttgart.

- "Hearing is Believing" CD. A meal-time sound work.
- "An imagery of Absence", artist"s book
- "Absences/Presences", an installation concerning resonance, time and trace.
  Solo installation Ateliergemeinschaft, Münster.

- "Life/Live", New manifestations in British Art, Musée de Art Modern
  de la Ville de Paris.
- "Stratigic Interventions", Joseph Beuys Lecture, Royal Society,
  London and Seoul, Korea.
- "Identity & Location Walls of Sound", ORF Kunstradio,.

- "Sound Garden", commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery, London.
- "Sound Corridor", a new commission; Sculpture at Goodwood.
- "An Imagery or Absence", Imperial War Museum, London