Pedro Garbellini

In 2011 I concluded higher education in Audiovisual. Today by observing the audiovisual I realized how its practice can be a very strong medium, a transversal medium that really embraces. And that's what interests me. I notice it through experience. I've realized a documentary about a project envolving young people and the toy LEGO, wrote screenplays for a musical animation series created by my father, worked as an art educator for youth and adults who returned to school and also children to the interior of São Paulo. That was two years ago. Today I develop Radio Possible, through it I create sound poems and narratives live on radios as Mobile Radio BSP and FM La Tribu 88.7. Also, we develop a collaborative project of field recordings through Latin America called Cotidianos Latinos. In late 2012 I did a radio workshop for youngs, and by now I'm working with audiovisual education for young people from the east side of São Paulo.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

21. 07. 2013: Meetings in a White Stairs