Glenn Gear

Glenn Gear is a multi-media artist who is passionate about experimental, low-budget animation and digital video. His short animations, which often employ a range of traditional and experimental techniques, have screened across the world:  Antimatter, Victoria, BC, Canada; Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA; InterActiva, Yucatan, Mexico; FIARio, Rio de Janerio, Brazil; EthnoFilmFest, Berlin, Germany; Split Film Festival, Croatia; Flexiff, Syndey, Australia. Originally studying as a photographer and later as an  
installation artist, he has carried the knowledge of these various mediums into his current work and process. As of late, he has been working more collaboratively with other artists on performance-based  
projects in which sound is the catalyst and predominant form.

Currently living in Montreal, he was born and raised in Newfoundland and has explored the connections to his homeland and to Labrador through his installations, web sites, book works, films and live video performances. His artistic practice has largely focused on the merging of family history & Maritime folklore with magical/mythical elements in articulating larger narratives of migration, gender, sexuality, and the intermarriage between the Settler and Inuit populations along the North Atlantic coast. To support himself throughout his various projects, he has worked within the video game and textile industries while also finding time to take on freelance graphic design positions including DVD authoring.

He is a member of the Montreal media arts collective, Volatile Works, and operates under the alias of “Lou”, the nickname of the werewolf protagonist in one of his upcoming animated shorts.

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

14. 01. 2007: Wiencouver 1906 Long-Distance-Live-Performance