Gordon Krieger

Gordon Krieger is a Montreal bass clarinetist/multi-instrumentalist/composer/broadcaster. He plays in the bands Exhaust, Set Fire to Flames and The Radio Orchestra; with releases on Constellation, Fat Cat, and Alien8 Recordings, with a solo release on web label Fals.ch.

Interests include the boundaries between language and music, between digital and analog, and in carving out new niches for bass clarinet in art rock, computer music and in between. A broadcaster since age 15, he started making music with radios in the mid 90s, partly to champion the radio as a legitimate musical instrument, and partly in an attempt to turn radio art on its head.

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

14. 07. 2002: Reception Is Interception #2: "Central Dispatch"
29. 09. 2002: Reception Is Interception #3: "Fessenden"