Igor Likar


Geboren 1953 in Ljubljana, Slovenien.

Arbeitet als Dramaturg, Dichter und Journalist in den Medien Theater, Radio und Film. Nach seinen Studien an der Akademie für Theater, Radio, Film und Fernsehen inszenierte er haupstächlich Stücke von Beckett, Strindberg, Montherlant, Yerofeyev, Ghelderok, Barrie u.a.


Born 1953 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Works as dramaturgist, director, poet and journalist in the sphere of theatre, radio and films. After his studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, he has directed several theatrical works by Beckett, Strindberg, Montherlant, Yerofeyev, Ghelderok, J.M. Barrie and others.

As a poet studying theatre, and as co-founder of the literary magazine Nomenkloatura and a member of the theatre group carrying the same name, he dedicated himself to the rsearch of the relationship between sound, words, silence and movement in the theatre setting. In this manner the so.called poetry theatre was established, in which works by some Slovene poets/Boris A. Novak, Edvard Kocbek, Kajetan Kovic, and Srecko Kosovel/ have been directed by him.

As Dramatugist he particitated in the various theatres, in dance theatres and Slovene films.

Since 1979 he has been working as radioplay director for Radio Slovenia, where he has directed about eighty plays, documentary dramas and sound experimental plays. With his works which he has either directed or written, he has taken part at numerous domestic and international festivals and has won a number of awards.

Selected Works

  • POETRY: Inaudible Events (1982), Unexpressed Land (1989), Travelling over Moses'Memory (1990), Swallows nad the Millitary Boot

  • NOVELS: Stranger and the Island (1991)

  • RADIOPLAYS: Mr. Alessio's Miracle (1979), If Bees Coild Sing (1986), A Tale About the Ace nad the White Larch (1987), The Fettered Heart (1988), Erasure of Verity (1988 in Perrugia 89 chsen as one of the best five world texts at the EBU competition), Betrayal of the Sky (1988), Little Flying Girl (1989), Lust and Power (1989), A Finger of the Monument (1990), Witreous Tower (1990), I'm Flying Away the Land of Dark Apparations (1991), A War Weekend (1991), Colombian and Black Clown (1991).

  • SOUNDWORKS: sound Burlesques (1988, as a representative of the JRT enters PRIX MONACO 1989), Ecophoinia Maris (1989, as a representative of the JRT and the winner of FEDOR 1990 enters PRIX ITALIA 1990 and AUDIOBOX 90 in Matera, Italy).

  • Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

    11. 3. 1993: "Soundings of Mountain - climbing the sky", Teil 3
    28. 10. 1993: "Soundings of Mountain - climbing the sky"