Manolis Manousakis

Born in Athens in Greece (1975), Manolis Manousakis gained his footing in live theater while at Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied composition with Gustavo Leone before returning to study with Tim Ward and Andreas Mniestris at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. Prior to his sojourn in Chicago, was deeply engaged in both independent avant-garde theater and in the popular theater of his native country. Since that time, he has rarely been without a film or stage project and as a result has embraced a wide variety of stylistic influences.
He is a co founder of Medea Electronique synergy of Artist.
He works as a composer since 1998. He has composed for small ensembles, solos, electroacoustic compositions, video art and multimedia shows. He has also composed the original music for theater shows, documentaries, tv series, short films and theater dance shows.