Sergio Messina busking with the Theremin at documentaX, Kassel, 1997

Sergio Messina


Born 1959 in Rome.
Musician, radio maker, artist and performer. His research on amateur pornography ?Realcore" (2000/2012) was presented in hundreds of different venues, from symposia to theaters, and the expression has since been adopted by scholars. It was also the topic of a semester class at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. His photo project "La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi" was exhibited in several venues and galleries in Europe. Presently he teaches History of Pop Culture in Milan, writes for various music magazines and works at his art, as well as unusual educational ventures. He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Born 1959 in Rome.
Sergio Messina started working in radio as soon as the pirate radio movement bloomed in Italy (1975); in 1980 he went to work for Radio Cittˆ Futura (then Rome's #1 alternative station) where, until '93, he worked as a dj, as an engineer and as an artist. In 1985 he made his first broadcast for the national radio of Italy (Rai) and was broadcasted by Audiobox (the station's radioart program). Since 1990 he works exclusively on his projects wich involve music (making and production) and multimedia, as well as radio. Since 1993 he lives in Milano.

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Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

5. 12. 1991

II. "Hymnus"
III. "Here is my voice"

20. 10. 1994
"ID", Aufzeichnung einer Live-Performance vom 12. 9. 1994

28. 9. 1995

31. 10. 1996
"Fone Federico Fellini" (gemeinsam mit Roberto Paci Dalo)

13. 3. 2016

RadioMantra (1990); a (13 parts of 30' each) radio program, broadcast by Rai in 1992; it also included "Vox Divina" (non verbal) and "Trasporto eccezionale", both minor radioart hits in Italy and elsewhere; available for broadcasting.

RadioGladio (1991); a 4' radiomessage from Italy to America concerning the USA-sponsored "Gladio" operation in Europe; originally no copyright (and still available for free), this "song" was sent to 300 stations in Usa and Europe for free. Also copy and diffusion where legal and encouraged. Frank Zappa's comment was "Here is an example of how music can still open people's eyes" (l'Espresso, #23 1991).

La Vendetta del Mulino Bianco (RadioGladio records/Flying 1994); concept mini cd exploring the perverted relations between consumers and products; strictly for italian audiences. Still for sale in selected shops (after 6.000 have been sold...).

+D+ (Pi˜ di positivo) (1995); a 7 parts of 15' each broadcast made with the italian band Casino Royale. It was made for Radio DeeJay (Italy's largest commercial station) but is now available no copyright for any station who asks.

Buddha Stick: Inaudito (RadioGladio Rec./99 rec. 1996) The debut album of an imaginary band, Buddha Stick (really, Sergio Messina himself). It features 62' of music plus spoken word plus outrageous samples. Available for free on the Internet ( or in very (too) selected record shops.