Magdi Mostafa

Born in Tanta, Egypt, in 1982, lives and works in Cairo.

Magdi Mostafa (*1982) is a Cairo-based artist who works primarily with site-specific, research-driven sound projects, multimedia installations, and experimental music, In 2001; since then, Mostafa's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Exhibitions include “Sharjah Biennale 11”, “Jogjakarta Biennale XII”, “I am not there” at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt; “Cairo Documenta” in Cairo, Egypt; “Art Dubai” in Dubai, UAE, “Artissima12” in Turin, Italy, "The One & The Multiple" in Barcelona, Spain; “VisibilityProject8” in Istanbul, Turkey; and exhibitions at the Biblioteca of Alexandria, and the Cairo Opera House. Recently he showed his piece “Sound element” at Arab museum for modern art in Doha.

A series of experimental sounds predicated on low frequency alterations, dense sound waves and fractured beats. Mostafa blends found and electronic sounds to create deep, building tensions that frustrate the desire for release. Environmental sounds are thrown into unusual contexts, adding emotional layers to Mostafa’s acoustic complex. Slow oscillations between shimmering high and brooding low frequency sounds create a restrained, but restless narrative of noise. Sound Element is an on-going project that started in 2009 through a serious of live performances in Cairo and other different cities.

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