No Pavarotti

No Pavarotti was founded by k!amm and Rouilleux in 2009. Their music is defined by the combination of the blurry sound of traditional instruments, noise of many different origins, and 'dehumanized' voice. Genre inspirations include hints of monotonous ambient music, psychedelic rock, and improvised pop. On the KLaNGundKRaCH label they released a CD-R single, Fat Pink Mouse In Graceland (2009), long-playing records, No Pavarotti (2009) and Too Late To Care (2010), and a tape of live recordings, Out Of The Dark (2011). This year they contributed their cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana to the Czechoslovakian compilation against ACTA (dada-ACTA) and they are currently finishing a new record, Season of the Weak, which should be released on a 12' vinyl during the second half of the year.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:

17. 03. 2013: „Listening Proposal"