Liu Pei-Wen

Born 1977

Pei has dabbled in a variety of digital domains, but has concentrated on sound design,
composition and streaming video art since 1999. Pei studied at the Sydney College of Art in
Australia and her work has been influenced by neo-dada, freeform jazz as well as avant
garde electronic musicians and minimalist painter/composers. She has composed pieces for
animation, theatre projects and installations. Pei is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.

1998 Diploma of Mass Communication, IIC, Sydney Technology University, Australia.
1999 BVA of Electronic Art, Sydney College of Art, Sydney University, Australia. (deferred)
2000 Cert. of Online Streaming, MetroScreen, Sydney, Australia.

2000 Part-Time Assistant at side-on Jazz and Media Production, Sydney, Australia.
2001 Scanner at National Palace Museum Cultural Artifact Digital Archives, Taipei, Taiwan.
2002 Recording Engineer at Panasonic Taiwan Lab.
2003 Art Editor and booklet design for bias: 2003 Sound Collective of TW at Etat Lab.
2003 Multimedia Engineer at Bowne Global Solutions, Taiwan.

2002 ipatti-tomorrow will take care of itself [full-length album at]
2003 Art Editor of bias booklet : sound art collective of TW

compositions for multimedia theatre
2002 Happy Space : 6 channels diffusion
2005 U # 2 : soundtrack and acoustic environment design
soundtrack for 3d animation
2003 Dream [Director : Cheng Miho]
2004 Shell [Director : Cheng Miho]

2002 CO2 Taiwan Avant-Guard Documenta -Experimental Short Film - white matter
2003 bia : sound art collective of TW - audiovision - RWGTGTBTH
2005 Lake – audio pieces – Layers of Lemongrass and honey

blueprints [cdr] label

2001 Sydney 2SER, audio alice, radio remix on live
2002 The First of Taiwan Vision&Audio Assembly, live composing
2002 Taipei Poem&Song Festival, Sound Segments with poet Shia-Yu and her band
2002 Taipei Electronic Arts Phenomena, live composing
2003 TSU - TAkiRAMA @ SONO, Taipei Artist Village
2003 Weather In My Brain, 284 Space, live audiovision composing
2004 nite, riverside cafe
2004 Sounding Taipei 04 []
2004 Morphing Sound at Taiwan National Union University
2004 Dialog Festival, Winterthru, Switzerland []
2004 AudioArtFestival, Krakow, Poland []
2004 Xperimenta> L # , Rotterdam, Netherlands

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