Ricardo Reis

Born in '78. Professional occupation: aerospace engineer specializing in computational simulation of fluid dynamics. Woke up for different ways of making radio around 2003. Since then has produced/acted in BzapCatrap with André Martins, a radio drama for the old incarnation of Rádio Zero, and made Ponto de Escuta, a sound collage regular program also for Rádio Zero. Also guest starred in Harmon e. Phraysier from ResonanceFM and delivers a biweekly cinema show called Matiné with Mário Lino at Rádio Zero. Has been a scout and scavenger for the Radia Network since its inception, instigating Portuguese artists to produce radio art.

Blog: http://www.atumtenorio.blogspot.com and the radio: http://radiozero.pt

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
16. 12. 2007: „3 JOURNEYS THROUGH RADIA“ - Journey I
28. 12. 2008: Radia 2008 Review