Rik Rue

"With dangerous irony and subversive skill, he constructs hyper-rash collision collages from appropriate noises; marauding through salvaging and justaposing the hysterical excesses of a panic cultures electronic mass media, and impacting them into frenzled, often hilarious moments of magnetic sound particles" (AMC Compt-edition). Rik Rues CD of environmental mixes, Ocean Flows is available on Tall Poppies and a new solo CD, Random Shuffle Interplay, is on Extreme. As Sound artist and composer he has worked collaboratively with many visual and performance artists and musicians, notably with Gravity Feed, the Relative Band, Social Interiors, Mind Body Split, Joan Grounds and Tess de Quincy.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

14. 9. 1989: Der Australienschwerpunkt im Rahmen der lange Radiokunstnach bei der ARS electronica 89
28. 9. 1989: "Sydney-Linz", gemeinsam mit Jim Denley
19. 12. 1991: "the pre-glasnost tapes"
26. 1. 1995: "The harbour breathes"
23. 3. 1995: "Silence is therefore the only possible means of communication - Karl Marx 1843" in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"
5. 11. 2000: AUSTRALIAN RADIO AND SOUNDART: "Motet", in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"