Zsolt Sőrés Ahad




Born 1969 in Budapest Zsolt S?rés Ahad is an improvised/electroacoustic and noise musician, sound artist, editor, performance and conceptual artist. Current groups and projects:

- a trio with Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit,

- I Belong to the Band (with Adam Bohman, Oli Mayne and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg),

- duo with Rhodri Davies,

- én/Q./Ahad trio (with Quentin Rollet and Pál Tóth aka én),

- Budapastis (with the members of the Parisian children-noise-rock group, Dragibus),

- trio with Oli Mayne and Zsolt Varga,

- duo with Christian Skjødt,

- Ahad & Despera duo,

- the concept art group The Lazy Anarchists (with Jozef Cseres, Zsolt Kovács, Gen Ken Montgomery and Ben Patterson),

- Spiritus Noister (with the Hungarian phonic poets, Katalin Ladik and Endre Szkárosi),

- The Sonic Catering Band (with Dan Hayhurst, Colin Potter and Peter Strickland among others),

- contributions with Zan Hoffmann and Violet,

- multimedia project together with a Hungarian dancer-coreographer Márta Ladjánszki and a fine artist in Budapest, Zsolt Koroknai,

- Don’t Eat Group (with the filmmaker, video/visual artist András Juhász) etc.

His field of interest and music activity includes the borderline and the margin of different art forms, too. He is also collaborate with artists from different fields of art (filmmakers, videomakers, coreographers, stage directors, fine artists). He is the member and one of the program managing editor of the still independent Tilos Rádió (Forbidden Radio) new music program No Wave. Currently he is the main organizer of the underground film screening series called Invisible Films’ Club at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. He is the artistic director of Relative (Cross)Hearings International Indpendent Contemporary Music Meeting in Budapest. In 2005 he was the series editor of the Szünetjel Könyvek (Pause Sign Books), and published the Hungarian versions of the following books: Jozef Cseres: Musical Simulacrums (Hudobné simulakrá); Michael Nyman: Experimental Music. Cage and Beyond; Edwin Prévost: No Sound is Innocent. AMM and the Practice of Self-Invention. Meta-Musical Narratives. Essays. In 2008 he edited one of his last book and wrote a preface study about New Chances of Autonomy with the texts by Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey among other onthological anarchists. He is an author of two books with the collection of his poetry. Since 2009 he is collaborating with the cult horror/underground/surreal film director Andrey Iskanov from Khabarovsk, Russian Far-East.

Film, Dance, Performance, Theatre projects:

- collaboration with Andrey Iskanov (in his film Ingression – soundtrack, editing, co-creator of the beginning and closing credits and a special fx),

- a member of Eszter Gál Company ST dance company (since 1995),

- Lektrónia multimeda project with coreographer Márta Ladjánszki and fine artist Zsolt Koroknai,

- Music composer and actor in Stele a theatre performance by the Artus Company,

- performances with the following independent coreographers: Enik? Buday,  Junya Ishii, Mariella Greil among others,

- since 2009, a member of the Andaxínház (Andaxin Company).

Since 2008 he is the art director of  Relative (Cross)Hearings Contemporary Music Meeting.

Since 2003 he is the main organizer of the Invisible Films’ Club (since 2006 at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest).

Releases in 2010/2011:

- Ahad’s Masters Garden V.: Holy Ghosts in the Machine – In memoriam Ern? Király /2010/ (Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Project Vol. 7.; March, 2010) [microcassette]

- én/Q./Ahad: Paw Music (Ronda, RecQords, HEyeRMEarS Discorbie; June, 2010) [CD]

- Ahad’s Masters Garden III. (2007-2009): The Harmonian Blues (AudioTong, Fourth Dimension Records, March, 2011) [2 CD]

- Ahad’s Masters Garden VII.: Ahad & Despera: AMMEn – O / Chapters from the Ahad’s Masters Garden Sessions /2007/ (Zeromoon; May)

- Ahad’s Masters Garden II.: Songs from the Lotus Island – A Prelude for a Collective Ayahuasca Healing {Hommage a Alejandro Jodorowsky} /2007/ (Band Camp, July)

- Ahad’s Masters Garden IV.: Empire Live 2009 (Band Camp, July)


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