Her recent work centres around language and its relationship to the voice. Her performance explodes outside text to include utterances and non-verbal implications. She has worked in independent film and as a radio producer for the ABC. A new book/CD of her selected poems and vocal works, I/T, was released in August.

"... mid-voice quantum leaps abounded. Systematic negation of continuity did not preclude cryptic humour ..." (Sydney Morning Herald).

"Amanda Stewart's multiplied voice is all edges, plosives, throat, pssssts running in quick breathless overlap like many persons in one." (Keith Gallach, Real Time)

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

14. 9. 1989: Der Australienschwerpunkt im Rahmen der lange Radiokunstnacht bei der ARS electronica 89
12. 10. 1989: "Disembodyment" , gemeinsam mit Ruby Block
2. 11. 1989: Gemeinschaftsarbeiten australischer Künstler
23. 3. 1995: "Silence is therefore the only possible means of communication - Karl Marx 1843", in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"
28. 11. 1996: "Time Sharing", gemeinsam mit VICE VERSA (Gertrude Moser Wagner und Beverly Piersol)
5. 11. 2000: AUSTRALIAN RADIO AND SOUNDART: "Motet", in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"
16. 08. 2009: „WasserWien“ mit Lucas Cejpek